Antosh_short summary

Antosh serves in the role of Embodied Awakening Co-Manager and Tantric Practitioner

Antosh’s spiritual journey started at a young age, where he was exposed to Christian teachings during his upbringing.  A dramatic emotional shift in his early teens caused him to deepen in his inquiry to spirituality, where nature became his greatest source of wisdom, strength and guidance.  This shift on his journey brought in a grounded reverence for the sacredness of all of life.  Following his passion for the natural world, he graduated and worked as a marine scientist for 8 years where he eventually met his wife, Tara. 

Their meeting opened a path of complete transformation, leading to their first Tantric workshop with the Embodied Awakening Academy which initiated a deep metamorphosis of all that no longer served, and an opening to living life in full joy, ease and power. Eventually leaving their jobs as Marine Scientists they both dedicated their lives to sharing Tantra through the safe and sacred container of the Embodied Awakening Academy.

Bringing his core values of knowledge, the balance of nature, and the sovereignty of a Sacred Relationship, his life is now dedicated to sharing Tantric teachings and the interconnectedness of all things through Shamanism and Tantra.  His passion for creating the opportunity for men and women to access all parts of their being, unashamedly, and integrate into wholeness, has become one of his greatest passion projects.

Antosh and Tara work together on managing the school, their biggest commitment to living the teachings in their everyday life as a testament to what is possible in life, in love and in relationships.