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Bali Couples Immersion

Bali Private Couples Retreat

If you are ready for radical transformation in your own life and in your relationship, one of the most supportive and renewing decisions you can make is to participate in a private couple’s immersion, tailored to meet your needs.

Held over 4 days and 3 nights in the accommodation of your choosing, you will be living with Tantra teacher Tara Meegan. You will receive multiple sessions each day that are tailored to your specific needs as a couple, as well as embody how it is to live Tantra in every-day life. This powerful combination of both formal and informal time together increases the learning potential and embodiment of the teachings, which ensures that the knowledge and practices you experience can be implemented in your daily life and relationship.

We spend many years in schooling and study for our chosen career path, however, we begin our intimacy path with little or no training/mentorship. Relationships and navigating sexuality are by far one of our biggest undertakings in life and these private immersions offer the training you never received, so that you can not only practice it straight away, but continue to organically grow in it, long after the immersion experience is over.

Discover & Experience

The Program

Day 1:

– Arrival 4pm.
– Couple’s first introductory discussion with Tara, followed by dinner together.
– Evening ceremony to open the container and set intentions for the immersion.

Day 2 & 3:

– 4 – 6 hours of sessions daily, tailored to your specific needs as individuals and together as a couple. Homework to practice in the evenings together.
– These sessions are deep dives working to: (1) clear conditioning and past trauma that may be holding you and your relationship back from experiencing its full potential, and, (2) activate deeper levels of connection, pleasure, harmony, fun and passion together
– Shared meals together and natural Q&A sessions with Tara throughout our informal time together to help integrate sessions and address any specific questions you have
– Morning daily practice to support the integration of the 1:1 sessions

Day 4:

– Final couple’s session in the morning
– Lunch together before closing the immersion journey

Bali Couples Immersion Details