(Single sessions $300 USD)

Relationships are by far one of our biggest undertakings in life.

We spend many years training and mentoring for our chosen work path. However, we often enter into a relationship with no training or mentorship at all. This package is the training you never received

During Tantric training, the couple will learn:

  • How to create a safe and sacred space for Tantric Ritual.
  • Tantric Intimacy – energetic and physical.
  • Conscious, present, erotic touch.
  • Tantric techniques where you will have the opportunity to take it in turns giving and receiving following Chantelle’s guidance and instruction.
  • “Lover as Healer” – how to bring healing to each other through your love making.
  • Conserve and transform sexual energy to release immense, potentially explosive, internal power.
  • Have longer, deeper loving with increased presence and enhanced sensation.
  • Expand orgasmic energy by stimulating the flow of life-force through the body.
  • Kundalini Activation and merging.
  • Communication training so that you can meet each other’s needs without becoming co-dependant.
  • Exploring your fears, boundaries and desires together.

You will also receive:

  • Exercises each week for home practice.
  • Free email correspondence for the duration of this package and 20% off all retreats you do together as a couple.

“Chantelle is a true master of relationships and it was an absolute honour to do couple sessions with her. The healing was extraordinarily potent, and the revelations were amazing.  After our first series of sessions, our marriage was completely reborn and for the first time, I am experiencing pleasure in the bedroom, I am able to ask for what I need and set healthy boundaries and I able to hold space for my partner and what he needs without reacting and making it about me!  Chantelle’s teachings on relationships should be in every school and every household. Her work is revolutionary.”

Angela Lee

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