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Erin Fowler

Erin Fowler

Erin serves in the role of Tantric Practitioner, Temple Dance Facilitator and Teacher.

Erin Fowler is a professional dancer, musician, and facilitator and teacher of Tantra and feminine movement practices. She is soft yet powerful and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 20 years of experience in a wide range of movement modalities, including contemporary dance, ballet, kung fu, tai chi, Qoya feminine movement, and erotic dance. Immersed in the feminine arts, Erin has performed and choreographed international award-winning Fringe and festival shows, has toured as a professional musician and has also studied Daoist martial arts in Wudangshan, China on numerous occasions.

Through her holistic work, Erin has built a strong-hold of tools to help people bring to the surface profound insights through movement and embodiment. Alongside her work with the Academy, she is a certified teacher of Qoya – a feminine movement practice that weaves together yoga, dance and sensual movement and regularly holds sacred spaces for ceremony and ritual, including community women’s circles, and Temple nights.

Erin has been studying and working with Chantelle Raven and the Embodied Awakening Academy for the last 6 years, including training in their 12-month Tantra Practitioner program. Through private mentorship with Chantelle Raven, she has immersed herself in the teachings and practices of Tantra and through this has found greater joy, ease and power and has been able to use the teachings to overcome challenges, step into her purpose and live a more embodied and fulfilling life. Through the Academy, she teaches workshops, is a 1:1 practitioner and has also facilitated Qoya and Temple Dance as part of the Academy’s retreats.

Erin Fowler is sought because she has a passion for movement, embodiment, and transformation paired with a natural disposition to teach and guide. Her theatrical background invites a sense of richness and creativity in the spaces she holds.