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Feminine Wisdom Codes – Part 1 (Perth)

April 23 @ 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

A portal into Power, Sensuality and Manifestation

What if the love and life you desire was just waiting FOR YOU?

What if you could have a deep, passionate, lasting connection with another that makes you feel cherished, adored, sexy and fulfilled?

And what if creating this kind of connection allowed you to feel just as deeply connected to yourself as with another?

If you’re ready to understand how, join us…

This online journey of Tantric embodiment practices, ceremony and activation will teach you how to allow in and foster a beautiful relationship with someone special, with yourself and with life itself.

So, if you’re tired of going through the motions of relating that leave you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and confused, it is time to stop the cycle!

When you do not know your worth, you are a lady in waiting.
When you do know your worth, you are a Queen.

The questions are, are you ready to love yourself enough and shed whatever doesn’t serve to be a Queen? Is so, Feminine Wisdom Codes Part 1 is your call to power!

You were born with the Divine right to have everything your heart desires and you have everything inside of you to attract it NOW – if you have the right information, tools, and practices. All you need to do is become aware of how to access your Feminine wisdom in a way that brings you into a state of receptivity instead of a state of trying. You deserve to be chosen fully and you deserve someone who you authentically fully choose. This live, online event opens a portal to both.

Join us online on April 2nd 2022 at 1:00 PM AWST or 7:00 PM PST (Friday 1st April 2022)

We will be exploring:

  • How to create deep connection with someone that compels them to want to get as close as possible to you
  • What NOT to do that keeps the person you desire at arm’s length and makes them pull away
  • The importance of sexuality, flirtation and being turned on by the person you are with
  • The power of switching out of a fear paradigm that feels like pressure to another, and INTO your empowered feminine energy
  • The right balance between leaning-back and leaning-in, so you are vibrating consistently in a frequency of ease and joy
  • What makes you extremely attractive to someone and what makes them lose attraction
  • Getting in touch with your deep knowing and intuition as to whether this person is the resonance which elevates you to your greatest potential
  • The importance of being willing to let go of a relationship if it is not a fuck yes
  • How to express how you feel in a way that brings someone closer rather than pushing them away or killing the passion
  • Why trusting, surrendering and allowing are three very important feminine energy qualities that are crucial to your power, sensuality and magic

When you learn how to do the above…

  • You will stop investing more into a relationship than the other person is willing to invest
  • You will surrender to what’s happening in your life right now, moment to moment, instead of trying to control outcomes or becoming clingy because you feel insecure
  • You will stop focusing on others, which paradoxically, brings others closer
  • You will slow down to access your intuition and vulnerability before having emotional conversations or making important decision
  • You will begin to choose you over someone else and be willing to let relationships dissolve naturally that require way too much of your input to survive
  • You will stop over-thinking and analysing so you become more available to yourself and a relationship
  • You will create the space for someone to move towards you and truly love and cherish you
  • You will be able to give people space when they need it and get on with your own rich, fulfilling life, instead of taking it personally
  • You will stop feeling anxious about where you stand with someone or where the relationship is going and start embodying confidence
  • You will stop talking about the relationship and create it instead – with beautiful, intimate, joy-filled, sexy moments
  • You will open-up and become vulnerable in order to create SAFETY TO BE YOU (this is actually the best way to protect yourself, as when you do this, you are authentic and confident which is magnetic)

Event Details


Single ticket: 
$249 AUD


Saturday 23rd April 10.30-6.30pm


Subud Centre
222 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park WA 6101


Enquiries: Metisse Wilson (Event Manager) metissecreative@gmail.com

Your Facilitators

Chantelle Raven

Chantelle Raven has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years. Inspired by Tantra, Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism, she is an accomplished Teacher and Practitioner whose teaching style is pragmatic, comprehensive, down-to-earth, and always has an element of fun as well as intensity.

Chantelle grew up with meditation and personal development in her home. She was facilitating motivational workshops in her 20’s as a successful CEO, and then after having her first child, moved into women’s work, writing her first of many books. When Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) she then placed all her time and commitment into the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart’s vocation in Tantra. Fast forward a decade and Chantelle has established the Embodied Awakening Academy and has taught countless classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

Chantelle’s energy, knowledge and passion will inspire you to change the way you look at life, love, sex, spirituality and the emotional body in ways that will remind you who you really are.


* Deposits are non-refundable
* Cancellations: Strictly no refunds
* You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise.
* 100% refund or credit if any Covid related booking cancellation


We may engage in practices that require some gentle movement – so please make sure you look after your body especially if you have any serious injuries or pre-existing conditions. You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing during this event. Chantelle Raven or Embodied Awakening Academy will not be held liable for any injury or other medical, physical, mental or emotional issues that may arise, are sustained or aggravated during or after this event.


April 23
10:30 am - 6:30 pm
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Tara Meegan
0434 787 920