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Fundamental of Tantra Bali March 2022

March 5 @ 10:30 am - March 6 @ 6:30 pm

  • Date

    05 – 06 Mar 2022

  • Time

    10:30 AM — 6:30 PM

  • Location

    Amatara Royal Ganesha

    Jl.Raya Lodtunduh No.88, Br. Kelingkung No.Ds, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Kabupaten

~ Tools & Practices to Master Tantric Living ~
Over 2 days, Tara Meegan of the Embodied Awakening Academy will guide you into Tantric teachings and practices to experience sensual energy as a healing modality; firstly with yourself to deepen in inner union, then bringing this state of wholeness to flow into partnered practices. You will learn how to:
  • Make your inner relationships to your-self and outer relationship with a beloved more intimate, meaningful and enlivening
  • Navigate relationships so they become your greatest teacher through self-responsibility & self-love
  • Practice tools for greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom
  • Awaken your energetic and sensual body, release old patterning around sensuality, and embrace an enlivened pleasure state
  • Access unconscious emotional & psychological blocks that sabotage your life and transform them into power
  • Attract and maintain healthy relationships and experiences into your life
Join us Saturday 5th & 6th March 2022 for this special transformative experience.
For men and women, singles and couples, the complete beginner and the experienced Tantrics. It doesn’t matter your age or what stage of life you are at. To anyone who deeply desires to experience a powerful, loving, blissful and intimate relationship with themselves AND with others, this workshop will be a lasting transformative journey!



Workshop Breakdown

Saturday – self exploration
  • Experience EMBODIED AWAKENING beyond mere mindfulness, with a Tantric approach that embraces the animal’s activation, the heart’s longing and the consciousness’ awareness to reside in a state of connection and spontaneous freedom.
  • Access your birthright as a SENSUAL BEING by learning how to open to limitless pleasure and joy in your own body, by freeing yourself from mind-based conditioning and limitations.
  • Embrace a state of INNER WHOLENESS and end the push-pull dynamic in relationships by cultivating healthy masculine & feminine energies within your own being.
  • Create deeply INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS by ending conflict & drama cycles in partnership and releasing the need for external validation and approval.
  • Experience what it is to EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONAL BODY HEALTHILY, rather than suppress it or project it onto others, through self-responsibility, letting go of the need to change/fix yourself & others, and expressing healthy needs and boundaries.
SUNDAY- Solo, Paired & Group Embodiment Practices 
  • Be a CONFIDENT AND PRESENT LOVER that can harness and transmit energy into your lover’s heart and pineal gland, through the art of Tantric Alchemy – learn to touch someone with more than just physical touch
  • Experience what it means to truly engage in the ritual of TANTRIC UNION with “eyes & heart open” by transforming any blocks and fears around connection and intimacy, and slowing everything down to open to greater sensation
  • Explore the pleasure and deep transformation available when you experience intimate connection through physical, heart and soul level intimacy as a HEALING MODALITY
  • Practice the Tantric technique of LOOPING KUNDALINI, where instead of racing towards an end goal, you can relax into a sensual connection that lasts for hours; where the mind stops, the body opens and pure love & consciousness expand
  • Learn to MAGNETIZE a partner with your awareness (Shiva) as well as your love (Parvati) so you can envelop those you meet with a loving presence blazing from your sovereignty, heart and state of wholeness


Single: $250 USD (early-bird = $200 USD, until 26th Feb 2022) Couple/Bring a Friend Discount: $435 (early-bird = $348, until 26th Feb 2022) Price does not include accommodation. Strictly limited numbers.
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March 2022 
10:30 am – 6:30pm 
Amatara Royal Ganesha: Jl.Raya Lodtunduh No.88, Br. Kelingkung No.Ds, Lodtunduh, Bali, Indonesia  Google maps link: https://bit.ly/3apsNYg  
Dea (Event Manager): tech@embodiedawakeningacademy.com 

Water bottle, pen and paper, and wear something that you feel comfortable and good in. There will be a 1 hr lunch break, where you can either order from the venue or grab something close by to eat. Swimsuit if you feel to swim in the pool on the lunch break. 

   * Please ensure personal hygiene, deodorant and fresh breath, as you’ll be getting close to others. 


Tara Meegan has been studying and working with the Embodied Awakening Academy for the last 7 years.  Mentoring privately with Chantelle Raven, she immersed herself in the teachings and practices of Tantra, to embody the synthesis of Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism with Tantra, that the Academy is renowned for.  Pre-Tantra, Tara spent 10 years living on & off in India, which inspired a deep devotional calling to be of service to humankind.  Initially this was expressed in her Kirtan and Bhajan singing that she led throughout India, Australia and Bali.  However, this yearning found it’s fulfilment when she joined the Embodied Awakening Academy and became part of its global movement, offering international Tantra retreats, online courses and private sessions to spiritual seekers.  Tara’s journey with the Academy has been a profound metamorphosis in every aspect of her life – healing depression, chronic pain, addiction, childhood &  trauma, unhealthy relationship dynamics and ingrained limiting beliefs.  These massive shifts in her life were the inspiration to leave her job as a Doctor in Marine Ecology and channel her compassion, energy and skills into her heart’s calling: to co-create an Academy that guides people in complete safety, integrity, and professionalism to live an extraordinary life.  Tara’s energy, knowledge and passion will inspire you to change the way you look at yourself, relationships, love, sensuality, spirituality and the emotional body, in ways that will remind you of who you really are.  For more information on Tara and the Embodied Awakening Academy visit:  http://www.embodiedawakeningacademy.com 
The Embodied Awakening Support Team 
Dion, Larinda, Christa, Dea and Sabrina will support participants on their journey, infusing the retreat experience with their unique expertise in the areas of live, shamanic music, breathwork and emotional support. 


Q: I am single and coming on my own.  How does the paired practices on Day 2 work, and what can I expect turning up by myself?  A: The first day involves practices where you are learning to become familiar with, and move, sensual & life-forces energy within your own being.  On the 2nd day we do partnered practices where you learn different techniques to circulate this energy with another person.  It’s a pretty fun process of organically pairing people together over the multiple exercises.  For every practice, people get to communicate any fears, boundaries and desires, and your level of participation is completely up to you – boundaries, personal freedom and self-love are taught and honoured first and foremost.    Q: How many couples vs singles do you usually get to this event?  A: On average, for the Fundamentals of Tantra workshop, we usually get 70% single, 30 % couples, and of the singles it’s usually quite even between men and women, with slightly more women attending.    Q: I am single and learning this by myself.  How can I implement this in a future relationship?  A: You can easily apply all of the practices from Day 2 to a new relationship, or with someone who hasn’t learned Tantra, by: 
  • implementing them in your own being,where your partner will feel and experience the benefits and be introduced to them through your energy and body.
  • or by introducing them throughthecommunication tools we go through in the workshop. 


  • Deposits are non-refundable 
  • Cancellations: Strictly no refunds 
  • You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise.  


We may engage in practices that require some gentle movement – if you have any serious injuries now or in the last 5 years, or health issues that may interfere with your participation, please discuss this with the facilitator (Tara). 
You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing during this evening. Tara Meegan or Embodied Awakening Academy will not be held liable for any injury or other medical, physical, mental or emotional issues that may arise, are sustained or aggravated during or after this event. 


March 5 @ 10:30 am
March 6 @ 6:30 pm


Tara Meegan
0434 787 920


Amatara Royal Ganesha
Jl.Raya Lodtunduh No.88, Br. Kelingkung No.Ds, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Kabupaten
Gianyar, Bali 80571 Indonesia
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