Sacred Sexuality – Perth. 8wk Tantra Course

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Sacred Sexuality - Perth. 8wk Tantra Course

Sacred Sexuality is a ground-breaking pathway to transform current paradigms of sexuality, relationships and pleasure, from suppression to liberation. Sexuality, more than any other energy, carries the power for healing and awakening! It is the energy that creates life! Now more than EVER we need to tap into sexual energy with an intention that goes beyond conception and orgasm, into a deep exploration and acceptance of Self.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • create deeper intimacy in the bedroom where sex is sacred, sensual, connected, pleasurable and magically alive?
  • love yourself and your body so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and can ask for what you want and say "No" to what you do not want?
  • get out of your mind and surrender fully so that orgasmic energy rolls through your entire body instead of just being localised in the genitals?
  • make your INNER relationship with Self more intimate, meaningful, and enlivening so that your OUTER relationships reflect this inner state?
  • create sacred space that enchants a man or woman into your heart and into a special experience of loving, authentic, playful connection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for our next upcoming 8 Week Course: Sacred Sexuality. Now is your time to take lovemaking to the next level, where is it not only a much more pleasurable act but also a spiritual, deeply healing experience.

Join Georgia Rose of Eliyah Tantra School for a ground-breaking course that will transform your current paradigms of sexuality, relationships and pleasure, from suppression to liberation. Now more than EVER we need to tap into sacred sexual energy with an intention that goes beyond conception and orgasm, into a deep exploration and acceptance of Self. It is the energy that creates life on this planet… and it carries the power for radical healing and awakening.



This course is for any man, woman (single or in a couple) who feels ready to receive a Tantric initiation into:

  • claiming the hidden powers of your sexuality
  • shedding fear, guilt and shame around sexuality
  • rewriting your inner script on self-worth, sexuality and body-image
  • experiencing life-force/sexual energy as a powerful healing modality
  • embodying the Tantric Arts to entice desire with another through authenticity, safety and play
  •  connecting to the ancient power, magic and healing of your sacral chakra, to clear what no longer serves (including ex-lovers), and create what does serve your highest good




Sexuality, more than any other energy, carries the power for healing and awakening. It is the energy that creates life! And yet, while society mostly teaches that it is purely a desire-based energy, which is shameful and needs to be restrained and concealed it is also openly exploited for profit in marketing. The fear, guilt and shame associated with sexuality stops us from tapping into its full potential.

Sexuality is not just something to be felt in the bedroom, it is a pulse that enlivens everything we do and everyone we connect with. Are you ready to embrace it?

Ceremony: Connect with your sexual power and cut the ties that bind you to a) a suppressed model of sexuality that inhibits your sexual power and b) an overly exaggerated model of sexuality that does not teach you how to respect yourself and/or others.


Re-write your script about how you see yourself and how you view sexuality, so that you are not depending on someone else for your sexual fulfilment. How we feel about ourselves and our bodies makes a big difference to our sex life. If we can feel relaxed in our bodies and learn how to practise true intimacy with ourselves, then it is much easier to give and receive pleasure and love.

Ceremony: How to become your own best lover


The power of your sexuality is not only in your genitals, it is also in your heart. When we can utilise sexual energy as a force that radiates not only from our sex centre, but also from our hearts, we create safety and much deeper intimacy for ourselves and for each other. We also have the freedom to take the focus off genital orgasm and into practicing circulating energy through our entire body. This allows pleasure beyond ejaculatory and clitoral orgasm.

Ceremony: Be guided on how to immerse yourself completely in the moment and sublimate your own sexual energy and your lover’s, into the heart.


At the centre of our sexuality is our sacral power. This is where we feel our emotions and our potential to create, manifest and seed into the world. By learning how to tune into and honour our sacral centre, we will be able to release stored tension, trauma, emotion, guilt and shame, which is key to sexual fulfilment and orgasmic ecstasy.

Ceremony: Connect and listen to your inner feminine (in a man or woman’s body) so that you can feel more freedom in your authentic expression and no longer hold back whatever you are feeling inside.


Our primal nature as men and women is often unconscious and not fully understood. This often leads to game playing and manipulation, as opposed to a genuine understanding about how to entice the opposite sex. This week you will learn how to authentically entice the opposite sex, without having to compromise your own need for love and freedom.

Ceremony: Shed the dishonest parts of yourself and embrace your authentic seductive powers


What would it be like to respect ourselves and each other? What would it be like to know how to set healthy boundaries and tune into other people’s boundaries - energetically as well as verbally? The natural flow of sexual energy can at times be very primal. For us to trust ourselves in this energy and invite this wildness in, we need to know how to feel into and discuss fears, desires and boundaries.

Ceremony: Be guided through connective practices where we explore together as brothers and sisters, our fears, desires and boundaries. *These are clothed, respectful practices that will empower your ability to express, be authentic and set healthy boundaries


Explore masculine and feminine polarity, through power and surrender. When a man penetrates a woman with his presence, and she trusts him with her receptivity, a new level of chemistry is activated that leads to mind blowing intimacy & connection in and out of the bedroom. Men - learn how to ravish with masculine power and presence. Women - learn how to surrender with trust and receptivity.

Ceremony: Explore masculine and feminine polarity in a safe container that allows the expression of your primal essence and vulnerability.


We initiate a boy into a man and a girl into a woman when we worship, support and help him/her to harmonise their body, mind, emotions and soul through our love and devotion. Tantric massage, when practiced correctly, is profoundly healing, spiritual and erotic. It can give us an experience of our essential nature and can be just as beautiful for the giver as it is for the receiver. This is an ancient healing tool that is deeply transformative for yourself and a partner.

Ceremony: A guided Tantric Massage with an invitation to practice on each other afterwards. This will not include genital touch and will be respectful, honouring and heart-opening, taking into account each person's individual boundaries and limits. 

~  TANTRA  ~

Tantra is living a life less ordinary.

Tantra is the liberation and celebration of the animal, sexuality and emotional body through embodied living.

It allows us to be who we are.

To walk authentically in the world.

The territory is unbounded.

Tantra is new possibilities.




1) Sacred Sexuality MANUAL: each week’s teachings are powerfully detailed, and together with practices and homework, will take the course content from an intellectual understanding to an embodied, life-changing experience

2) FREE attendance to 4 additional workshops by Tantra-trained leaders, who are embodied, sexual, powerful beings. Details TBA.

3) ACCESS to the closed group: ‘Eliyah Tantra Support’. Join a safe and sacred community of like-minded men & women who have attended Eliyah’s Living Tantra courses. Ask questions, share experiences and make new friendships

4) Individual SUPPORT when needed by our highly trained support team, to guide you through any challenges along the 8-week journey




• Full price: $750
• Early bird: $650 (until 24th June 2020)
• Deposit for payment plan: $250
• Under 21 years age: $500
• Couple/attend with a friend: $620 each
• Single parent's & Concession $500

* Deposit is non-refundable, remaining due by 1st August.
* Confirmation of each payment to be e-mailed to Course Facilitator

8 Consecutive Wednesday evenings: Wed 15th July – Wed 2nd September 2020

Can’t make all weeks? For any evenings you can’t make, the Sacred Sexuality Manual outlines, in detail, the key teachings, exercises and homework for each week so that you can stay up-to-date. There is also a dedicated support team to help answer any questions that you have throughout the course. The free workshops during the course also enable you to go deeper into the course teachings.


6:30pm - 9:30pm *Please be on time!

Arrival from 6:00pm to settle in and chat with others


Mind, Body Heart Yoga Studio

81 Nanson St, Wembley, PERTH


* Please note: The last Sacred Sexuality Course was a SOLD-OUT event, so secure your spot early to avoid disappointment.


For any questions, please contact:

Georgia Rose (Eliyah Tantra School Teacher, Practitioner & Course Facilitator)




Georgia Rose is a skilled Practitioner, Teacher and Support Person for Eliyah Tantra School, weaving her life experience, expansive spiritual studies and Tantric teachings to deliver life-changing content and practices that will inspire and ignite your soul.

Georgia is passionate about bringing people together to truly take ownership of their life and become the empowered creator of their reality, centred in their heart, joy, passion and power.

Georgia has trained extensively with Chantelle Raven (the Founder of Eliyah Tantra School) for 4 years. Until she found Tantra, Georgia worked for 5 years in the adult industry. Sexual Healing has been a huge part of her journey and she is honoured to share her wisdom and will be delivering potent teachings to support you with deep transformation, healing, letting go of the past, integration and fully embracing all of you as a sexual, sensual, alive and embodied being.




Deposit ($250) is non-refundable

Cancellations: Strictly no refunds. You may transfer your spot to someone else, but this is your responsibility to organise

Payment Plans: Offered on a trust basis. You agree to pay the full course amount by 1st August.  If you wish to transfer your spot and money is still owing, you must personally complete the outstanding amount owing. 

  • Date

    15 Jul - 02 Sep 2020

    July 15, 2020

    Wed until September 02, 2020

  • Time

    18:30 pm - 21:30 pm

  • Location

    Mind Body Heart

    at 81 Nanson Street