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Georgia Rose

Georgia Rose

Georgia’s journey with Tantra began in 2016 on her first Retreat with the Eliyah Tantra School. This one week transformed her relationship to herself, others and life in a way that she has never looked back!

The 3 most life-changing lessons Georgia gained through Tantra were: (1) the cultivation of deep self-awareness, (2) her ability to work with the emotional body as her internal guidance system, and (3) the permission to be completely herself and create the life she desires – outside of the normal societal constructs.  Through these invaluable shifts in her being, Tantra became the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ for her to completely overcome eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

Georgia has an incredible capacity to offer insight, guidance and support to those embarking on the Tantric path.  In her support role at Embodied Awakening events and her 1:1 private sessions, she shares her unique talents and tools to help people through challenging emotions and limiting beliefs to develop a genuine love and acceptance of self.  It is her capacity to love others and help people transform their lives that makes her an invaluable member of the Embodied Awakening  Team, where one heart at a time she inspires people to move beyond their past and live as a fully embodied beings who realise their worth and power in this world.

Georgia is dedicated to serving and supporting souls to ignite their hearts and come home to their true selves, by providing a safe and sacred space to take that journey with the Embodied Awakening Academy.