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What? Receive 3 x 1hr online private coaching sessions during your Sacred Sexuality Course, that will take your experience next-level and be tailored to your specific needs, life-situation and experience.

Why? The content in this course can be challenging and confronting at times, and Tara provides expert guidance, advice and breakthrough sessions to ensure rapid transformation and healing throughout your Sacred Sexuality experience.  

Result? Not only will you excel through the course content with these sessions, but by working directly with your unique challenges and gifts around sexuality, you will super-boost your transformational capacity to create lasting change in your every-day life. 

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USD $517.00

Session Expires in 3 Months

Meet Your Coach

Tara Meegan

Tantric Practitioner & Managing Director of  

Embodied Awakening Academy 


After travelling to India for 10 years, immersed in meditation, Kirtan devotional singing and humanitarian activities, Tara found the missing piece to her journey in healthy relationships, sexuality and overcoming addictions through Chantelle and her Tantric teachings.


Having been a client of Chantelle’s for 3 years, Tara found her calling and left her mainstream job to work 1:1 with Chantelle and run the Embodied Awakening Academy with her.  Devoting her life to the path of Tantra, she has now been running Tantric workshops and 1:1 sessions over the last 4 years. 


Having such profound transformation in her life through Chantelle’s teachings in her personal life, over-coming 2 decades of addictions, and leaving her unfulfilling job to living a life of purpose and passion, Tara had the vision to create these online courses so that Chantelle’s teachings could be accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. 


With this vision achieved, Tara now dedicates her time to supporting people through the 8-week Online Courses, having worked intimately with every aspect of the content over the last 7 years.  Safe to say you are in very capable hands with coaching sessions with Tara, that will have you breaking through anything that is holding you back from embodying your Sacred Sexuality.

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Get a super-charged head start on your Sacred Sexuality journey, where Tara will profile your history, make personalised recommendations on how to best work with each week’s content, and help you clear any blockages so you can get the best results from this course.  Setting strong foundations in this session ensures that your online journey isn’t just a mere learning exercise, but rather a deeply healing and transformative experience that will create lasting change in your life, your relationships and your sexuality.



The half way point of this course is a critical time to pause, take stock of what growth points you have experienced (both expansions and contractions), and reflect on how Sacred Sexuality is integrating into your everyday life.  In this session Tara will work with you to ensures that the first 4 weeks of the course content are: (1) deeply embodied in your being and (2) clear of any lingering blockages or resistance.  Towards the end of this session, Tara will prepare you for the deep dive into the remaining 4 weeks of the course.



Integration is one of the most crucial elements of any transformational journey.  In this session, Tara will work with you on the final 4 weeks of content to ensure it is deeply embodied and clear of any lingering blockages or resistance.  Tara will then create an integration plan for you, that is custom-made based on your journey with the 8 week’s content.  This integration plan will ensure that the lasting change you experience from the course, keeps unfolding for years and even decades to come, where you become your greatest teacher and guide on the journey of Sacred sexuality.

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USD $517.00

Session Expires in 3 Months