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Shine your confidence, freedom and love into the world

If you are a constantly running into the same challenges in your relationships, in your business and in your life, then

  • It’s time to embody your true power.
  • It’s time to discover a deeper life mastery and stop hitting your head into the same brick wall over and over again.
  • It’s time to heal your self-sabotaging addictions for the last time.
  • It’s time to be the man you know you are meant to be.
  • It’s time to take control of your life and be the change you wish to see in the world.

How Is This Achieved

  • Become an embodied king so you can experience true power
  • Connect to the secret of true vulnerability so you can feel free and alive
  • Transform your old patterns and be an inspired soul leader
  • Master your sexuality and be an incredible multi-orgasmic lover
  • Be an awakened man who exudes confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom

The Embodied Man online course will guide you to release your old self-sabotaging patterns and shine your confidence, freedom and love into the world.  If you have been wanting to become an embodied powerful leader, then this book is for you.

Your Instructor

Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach, Facilitator & Speaker. He is the lead male teacher for the Embodied Awakening Academy, a Tantric Practitioner, and creator of several online courses for men.  He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology.  Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behavior and movement specialist navigating souls.  His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality.  He speaks and teaches honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence.  Aaron’s mastery as a teacher provides the practical tools everyone needs to implement embodied awakened intelligence into daily life.

You’ll Receive

Topics to be covered in this life-changing 10-week journey:

Studio-Video Teachings with Aaron Kleinerman

This high-quality video footage is engaging and full of insightful Tantric wisdom and theory. This foundational understanding of each week’s content is necessary for the transformation process to begin. You can access the content any time and at your own pace – in the comfort of your own home.

Powerful Guided Audio Practices & Somatic Meditations

Each module is supported by deep Embodiment Practices. Be guided through transformational tools that allow the teachings to be received far beyond the mind. By integrating the content at a body-based level, lasting change takes place as your nervous system re-calibrates.

A Tailor-Made Daily Practice to Shift Old Patterns & Re-Wire New, Healthy Patterns

The first 20 minutes of your day can shape how your entire day unfolds. Committing to this daily self-practice is a commitment to yourself and the most beneficial way to expand into the unlimited love, joy, freedom and power that you are!

Drip-fed Content Over 10 Weeks

We want you to get the most out of this course and true change happens through the body, not the mind. That’s why we drip-feed each module, each week, for 10 weeks to allow the teachings to integrate at a cellular level and to give you the best possible chance to create lasting change within your life!

Life-Time Access to the Online Course Material

That’s right! This course is yours to keep for a lifetime! As we move through different cycles/stages in life it is extremely powerful to re-access this content when you need it the most. The teachings and practices are there for you at any time to deepen your spiritual journey, move through challenges, continue the expansion process, and to refresh and reset… all in the comfort of your own home.

*The content of this course contains coarse language & sexual theme



Unraveling the Story

Discover simple ways to clear your limiting belief structures, shift the lens of perception you are observing your world and empower yourself as no longer being a victim of your life, but rather an empowered and awakened being.


Mastering the Mind

Learn simple ways to balance and neutralize your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, while dissolving your need to control life. This module will also teach you about the power of self-forgiveness.


Removing the Armor – Discovering Vulnerability

Discover simple ways to release your addictive patterns and behaviors for the last time. Learn practices that distinguish between true power vs. manipulative power while shedding away your layers of protective and ego-validating actions. Discover how true vulnerability is true power!


Emotional Mastery

Discover how the emotional body can be the gateway into truly awakening and livening your life. When a man truly discovers how to feel and express, this will begin to liberate and empower his sexual energy.


Discovering True Gratitude

Discover how gratitude is the gateway into true embodiment. When the mind is grateful for what is, then doorways open into the heart to experience life through the eyes of grounded love.


Awakening the Inner Queen

As a male body, there is also a feminine essence inside of you. This chapter dives deeper into how to communicate more effectively and love your body deeply and completely.


Sexual Awakening

Become the lover you have always wished to be. Learn how to retain your seed and become multi-orgasmic. In this chapter you will clear your sexual shame and become an empowered and awakened Tantric lover!


True Embodied Power

A powerful man knows how to share power with others and inspire his community to lead from their heart. In this module you will learn new codes for healthy brotherhood and living a life of pure abundance. This is a journey into the heart of power!


Embodied Relationship Mastery

Relationships are a master teacher when the mind’s need to control can dissolve and the heart of love can begin to appear. In this module, you will learn powerful techniques and tools to have more clarity, intimacy and love in your relationship. This module will inspire your inner union to inform the continual expansion, growth and love in your outer relationship!


Awakening Soul Purpose

When a true mastery of the human experience exists, then the wisdom of the soul begins to appear. In this module, you will learn practice and techniques to listen and apply the deep knowing inside of you into a grounded and activated being who is standing strong in his truth. This is where you meet and activate your soul’s inspiration and mission.

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