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Your Embodied Path to Love, Pleasure, and Relationships

Does this sound like you?

You get way too in your head in and out of the bedroom. You second guess yourself and your expression. You have a hard time receiving the love and pleasure you desire. You over give, care take or work hard for love.

You desire more easeful, graceful communication. You feel shame about your body and/or your emotions. You long for a deeper connection to your body and pleasure. You have reached a threshold in relating and long for more depth and fulfilment. 

You tolerate or suppress deep needs out of fear of losing love. You find it difficult to be in the moment and truly soak in the beauty and sensations surrounding you. You want to feel pursued, desired and chosen.

You’re tired of encounters that ultimately lead nowhere.  You lose power in patterns of pursuing or retreating. You do things and say things to please or stay strong and find it difficult to be completely honest and vulnerable. You wonder where all the good men are.

You don’t fully own what you do or don’t want and end up compromising or settling for less. You desire to connect deeply with yourself and liberate your sexuality. You are tired of only being the strong, independent woman and long for an emotionally available man. You are ready to surrender, open to and trust the masculine but it feels scary and you don’t know how!

You’re not alone!

You're not alone! That's why I've created this 3-day Masterclass, so you can embrace a new reality where you:

With over a decade of experience guiding women on their journey to opening the river of their hearts and bodies, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the somatic Tantric practices and activations I will be guiding over these potent 3-days. That’s why I’m so passionate about this work! Because it works!

Because it works!

You’ll deepen your connection with your body, expand your capacity to fully receive love and pleasure, learn how to feel and express long held emotions, all the while initiating a Queen within you knows who she is and what she is worthy of. 

It’s not about how you appear or what you do that inspires someone to treat you like a Queen– it’s about the infinite love and pleasure you authentically EMBODY. If you are a Queen then you will be treated as such, and that’s the initiation of this masterclass.

Imagine Yourself...

Your allure lies in your authenticity…

In the expression of your uniqueness… in deep receptivity… in feeling it all, especially your deepest desires… in releasing shame… in showing up fully for pleasure… in living passionately…in your connection with the divine… in knowing who you are and what you want… in feeling confident… in trusting your body over your mind… in a deeply satisfying, easeful, exciting life that has depth.

What to Expect...

Day 1: Embodying and Radiating Love

When we don’t fill the space with mind talk, when we don’t try to get validation or people-please, or fall into habitual ways of connecting, something else starts to happen.

We let our hearts be felt and seen. Through our eyes, through our aliveness, through our honesty and through a deeply satisfying relaxed state of making love in and out of the bedroom from the depths of our heart and feeling ALL of it. We embody love.  

Activation: A body and heart opening practice you can commit to daily to thread the needle between love, pleasure and the divine. This is also a beautiful practice to do before love making to get your eros flowing.

Day 2: Cultivating Pleasure, Joy, and Love in Yourself and in Partnership

So much of our juiciness, our turn on, our Eros, and our stories are held in the body. We will explore simple practices to drop you into pleasure, open your sensual expression, and allow a deeper connection with what you’re feeling underneath it all.

 Anchoring to pleasure as a part of your commitment to love, is about freeing up and accessing the parts of you that that yearn and desire for certain experiences. It’s about understanding your erogenous zones, your pathways to pleasure and how feminine eroticism awaken and uncoils. You cannot separate sensuality and love.

Activation: Inviting Pleasure into Your Body through your base chakra all the way up to your heart and Queenly Crown

Day 3: Step through the Portal

Embrace your worthiness, set boundaries and claim your desires with power and grace. We will be cultivating a deep sense of confidence that will transform the way you show up in your relationships and in the world so that you are no longer holding back from going for and asking for exactly what you want, long for and need.

We will also anchor in your own healthy masculine energy so that instead of centering your life around a man, you center your life around a wider spectrum of life and what is most meaningful to you.

Activation: Light a fire of self-worth that can never burn out and feel completely connected & attuned to your body.

"You're not meant to live an ordinary life, to have ordinary sex, or to settle for an ordinary relationship. You are here as the Creatrix of your most extraordinary Queenly existence."

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Upon registration, you will receive instant access to the schedule. This is an online, live 3-day program this June 17, 18, 19 at 10AM to 12PM Perth/Bali time for all days, with replays sent to you so you can go back to the content at any time.

Get ready to have your life and relationships changed forever!

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