Aaron is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach & Facilitator. In his Tantric Skype Sessions, he incorporates 15 years of experience with a wide range of healing modalities and Tantric practices to support an individual to return to their authentic self and true power. Having learned from many great masters in the field of psychology, sexuality and transformation, and having earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, he now he helps people to remember who they truly are and awaken their inner, erotic wisdom.


Aaron’s transformational Tantric Sessions take his clients deep into the embodied wisdom of the soul.  In these sessions, he guides his clients to integrate their mind, heart, emotional body and sex centre, utilising the pleasure cords within the body to release trauma and blockages.  Clients are gifted with transformational tools, specific to their situation, to make substantial and lasting changes in their lives.

These sessions can be booked both online and in-person, depending on Aaron’s travel schedule.

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