Erin is an Embodied Awakening trained Tantra practitioner and body worker, professional dancer, Qoya feminine movement facilitator, musician and Temple Priestess. Through Tantra, Erin has found greater joy, ease and power in her life and has been able to use the teachings to overcome challenges, step into her purpose and live a more embodied life.
She specialises in embodiment, self-acceptance, intimacy issues, shifting sexual shame and stress/burnout.

Working with Erin can help you to:

– Learn how to get out of the mind and into the body
– Practice deeper self-love and acceptance
– Shift your limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs
– Use movement and sound to be more embodied and present in your life
– Release sexual shame, fear and pain
– Work with anxiety and stress in the body
– Learn how to overcome burnout and work addiction and bring a more feminine approach to work and business
– Welcome the Divine Feminine into your life with greater intuition, creativity, guidance, trust, flow and joy


Skype sessions and in-person sessions (when available). Based in Adelaide and travels regularly – follow @erin_fowler_projects or email for current location.

Contact Erin: