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Tinder to Tantra: Manual to Bring Meaning to Relationships


Perth-based yoga and relationship teachers Dakini Chantelle and Simon Martin have released a new eBook on the art and practice of tantric relationships.

Song of Tantra: A Manual for Tantric Relationship exposes the underlying and unseen causes of conflict or tension which arise in relationships, and teaches readers how to surface these and navigate past them.
“In the age of Tinder, tantric relating offers a more authentic path of connection. Hook ups tend to start with fire but quickly die off, whereas tantric relating only gets better and better with time,” says Chantelle.

“Where Tinder brings instant gratification, Tantra brings long term and wholesome fulfilment.”

Despite becoming synonymous with sexual positions to many in the West, the word “Tantra” encapsulates an outlook on life. It’s a practice which originates back to more than 1,500 years ago.

“Sexual intimacy is an incredibly important aspect of a healthy tantric relationship, but our book goes far beyond showing readers what to do with their partners physically,” says Martin.

“Tantra is the path of connecting spirituality to the material body. It involves the multiple and complex facets of relationship, pleasure, emotion, nature (our animal desires) and sexuality, many of which are demonised and repressed in the West.”

The book works through six easy-to-digest chapters and helps guide readers to identify their fears, insecurities, and hurt, as well as human tendencies for neediness.

It builds on the Tantric premise that a healthy external relationship can only flourish when the people involved have a healthy internal relationship with their self.

“The Inner-Marriage (Inner-Union) begins with realising that the only actual person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with is yourself. If our primary relationship starts within, it means we don’t have to rely on another’s love or trust that someone else is going to provide for us,” the book says.

Chantelle and Martin are in a tantric relationship with each other and say their constant devotion to the principles they teach brings enormous satisfaction and fulfilment to both.

“It’s ever evolving and ever changing. It’s juicy and confronting. It’s calm and tumultuous. It has all the excitement and inspiration needed for us to share our selves with each other and our gifts to the world,” says Martin.

“A tantric relationship is when the masculine and feminine within two people come together and overflow from a full cup rather than expecting each other to fill it for them,” says Chantelle.

“This means the question is no longer how someone else can change but rather how can we change. This comes from an understanding that if we want the world to change it’s us who need to change.”

Song of Tantra: A Manual for Tantric Relationship is available for download online here.

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