The Living Tantra Courses are inspired by Tantra, Psychology, Philosophy and Shamanism, and based on a more feminine approach to spirituality.  Spiritual traditions have generally aimed to achieve God-realisation through transcending this world, however the Living Tantra Courses are based on the understanding that every experience we have in this human life is an invitation to meet, realise and embrace our divinity.

Combining discourse, embodiment exercises, dynamic movement, authentic expression, ritual, paired practices and a hearty dose of self-inquiry, the Living Tantra Courses provide women with the tools needed to live through ease, joy and power, throughout all aspects of the human experience!

“The key to Living Tantra is our willingness to embrace the totality of life – the bitter as much as the sweet. When we work with life force energy in all aspects of our life – our body, emotions, sexuality and relationships – every moment becomes a remembering of the magnificent, powerful being that we are.”
Chantelle Raven


There are 7 Living Tantra events in total, each targeting a key aspect of life for which Tantra can bring transformation and power to.  The Living Tantra Courses are individual courses – each representing one of the 7 chakras – that run over 8 weeks on the same evening every week. You can participate in any of these 8 week courses at any time, and it is not necessary to complete them in any particular order. Whichever course you feel drawn to, is the course for you.  Each evening is three hours long and held at beautiful venues with delicious snacks, and a dedicated Eliyah Support Team that will support you during the evening and over the 8 week journey. With each course you will be part of an online support group, you will receive a manual that’s filled with each week’s teaching and self-practices to do at home; all which will help you live the life that you seek.


  • Transformation of your LIFE into greater acceptance and flow
  • Awakening of your energetic and sexual body
  • Shifting of emotional and psychological blocks
  • Support through big times of change such as a break up, losing a job, having a baby, or beginning a new relationship
  • Discovering your unique gifts and purpose in life
  • A renewed sense of wholeness and connection to Spirit
  • Opening your self-expression
  • Expansion of your consciousness and heart
  • Deep integration of masculine and feminine energies within your Being
  • Discovery of new concepts that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Calm and deep peace of mind and increased mindfulness
  • An accessible framework for regular self-practice
  • The opportunity to create a close community of sisters who you can be truly authentic with on all levels
  • Access to ongoing connection and support with an online support page with your sisters
  • An experienced support team who will work with you personally and in smaller groups
  • A detailed manual, full on knowledge and practices which accompanies each course

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Root chakra (perineum): incarnation and survival, overcoming fear
This course takes the principles of Tantra and presents them as simple, easy-to-understand concepts that you can embody and integrate. Chantelle sums up 20 years of experience with spirituality, psychology and Tantra, blending them together to give you access to more expression, authenticity, ease, joy and wholeness. This course will expand your mind, heart and body connection, so you realise how to open up to living an empowered life where you no longer need to find an external “fix” for your pain and pleasure.

Second chakra (sex centre): sense of belonging, sexual connectedness, relationship with abundance
Transform and release your old sexual patterning, come home to your body of bliss and live in your full power as the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine. During this course, you will re-enter the ancient temples and learn how pleasure and sexuality can connect you not only more deeply to your lover, but also to your own heart and to God/Spirit. You will learn ancient Tantric secrets and Kundalini techniques to direct the flow of sexual primal energy into your heart and throughout your body. The aim of this is to circulate this potent energy within your own being and with a partner, to cultivate deep connection with another that goes far beyond the body and mind, and to help enchant and stay in Union with your beloved.

Third chakra (between navel and solar plexus): sense of personal power and radiance
Accessing your power requires the willingness to face and love your shadows – the aspects of your being which plays out from the unconscious. During this course, Chantelle will guide you through shadow work to access your deepest vulnerability and humanness. From looking at your projections on to others, reflecting on states of victimhood, and exploring the different ‘voices’ that live inside your psyche, you will learn how to access the most valuable jewel of deep transformation that resides within the darkest of energies within your own being. Working with unconscious shadows is essential to any person who takes their spiritual journey seriously and who wishes to become the conscious creator and authority of their own life. Neuroscience shows us that up to 95% of our daily actions are run by the unconscious. By the end of these 8 weeks, you will learn to integrate your unconscious shadows into the light, and to shift your life from being an unconscious drama to a conscious creation of limitless potential.

Fourth chakra (centre of sternum): opening to unconditional love

Relationships are said to be the quickest path for spiritual growth because of what they can bring up between two lovers. During this course you will learn how to navigate the realm of relationships so that they become your greatest teacher – not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, self-love and honouring of the divine within yourself and your beloved. Chantelle shares her potent teachings and practices that she has come to embody through her life journey towards Sacred Union with herself and her beloved. She will guide you to explore: (1) what interdependency between two lovers entails (rather than co-dependency or independency), (2) how to embody sacred Feminine and Masculine energy so there may be a balance in your life between experiencing and witnessing, movement and stillness, and creativity and action, (3) why your Inner Marriage is so important to the success of the Outer Marriage, (4) what it means to truly trust, know and live your worth, and (5) how to own and express both your needs and desires from a place of love instead of fear. This course will open a portal to becoming an empowered, juicy and soulful partner in your relationship, and to coming home to yourself as the first beloved.

Fifth chakra (throat): opening up to creativity beyond personal; tapping into divine Will
Gain access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual. You will be taken on a journey from goals you may not be able to reach, to accomplishments that flow naturally from who you are. By connecting to yourself deeply, and feeling the joy and power that resides within, you will experience the inspiration that floods your heart and soul and yearns to be shared with the world. Chantelle will share with you her transmission, wisdom and experience of melding her soul’s path from a successful CEO, through parenthood, to an internationally acclaimed teacher in the field of spirituality and Tantra. Be prepared for extraordinary breakthroughs during this course as you discover how to create a living out of doing what you love and fulfilling your soul’s destiny. Don’t just work, work miracles and know that you are limitless.

Sixth chakra (third eye): awakening intuition and extra-sensory perception
Trying to integrate spirituality into everyday life is a hero’s journey for the modern human. This course will help you blend your worldly and spiritual life harmoniously and synergistically, so that the peace, happiness and freedom you seek can be realised. You will learn how to be deeply involved with life, but to not identify with it as your sole reality. As your connection to Self and Spirit heightens through the teachings and practices given during this course, you will be awakened to the profound level of support available from invisible realms, yantra, mantra and Tantric deities. By surrendering to the essence of who you really are and learning ways to commit to a daily spiritual practice of remembering, you will experience blissfulness, not a rare visitor in your life, but as a constant companion and the very nature of your being.

Seventh chakra (crown): merging into unified state of Oneness
By embodying Shamanic principles of transformation in whatever we do, twenty-four hours a day, can bring us closer to a state of wholeness, joy, self-realisation and fulfilment. This is Enlightened Living, when all our actions including walking, eating, talking, moving, working and sleeping are part of the spiritual path. Whilst most spiritual traditions move away from the delusions of everyday life, Tantra takes a different approach and sees all parts of life as sacred. In this course you will be taught skillful ways of working with every-day aspects of life, to purposefully deepen your connection to Self and Spirit, to grow in unconditional love, and to engage with all of life with an awareness of ritual and ceremony. Through learning to be ‘awake in the dream’, life no longer becomes a distraction, but rather a present moment experience of being alive in the fullest, possible way.

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