Women’s Events

The Beckoning
(1 Week Event)

While for centuries, spiritual traditions have favored a masculine approach to awakening that does not include the body or our sexual energy, Tantra takes a different approach. Tantra initiates us into our body wisdom and into our erotic energy as a pathway to live as fully present, alive, sensual women who are attuned to our body intelligence. When sexual and emotional energy in our body gets infused with heart and consciousness, it awakens and lights up our entire brings with the light of our essence. At The Beckoning, Raven (in Western Australia) and Tara (in Bali) will guide you into powerful feminine archetypes which when brought together and integrated, will birth within you a radical embodiment, inviting the restoration of feminine ways of being.

Wholeness Experience
(1 Day Event)

Tantra is a mystery tradition which has for thousands of years, and across many cultures, been exploring the pathways in the subtle body that are not visible to the ordinary senses. These pathways apply to the relationship we have to ourselves, our sexuality and the relationship we have to others-both in and out of the bedroom. The Wholeness Experience invites us to connect to these subtle pathways as a deep meditation of presence and aliveness. During this immersion, we will explore the dual and non-dual nature of masculine/feminine energies; dark/light, sexuality/consciousness. We will explore this in the context of sisterhood and experience the magic that happens when women come together with a shared intention to live in a state of connected wholeness, within and without, in everyday life.

Feminine Wisdom Codes
(1 Day Event)

Every stage of a relationship takes radical attunement – to yourself, your sexuality and to the person you are relating to. This 1-day workshop guides you to the path of magnetizing what you truly desire and deserve. Whether you are newly dating, in a committed relationship or feeling challenged in your marriage, this immersion supports you to embody the warm, radiant & enticing energy of feminine, embodied wisdom. You will learn to create meaningful conversations, connect to your heart and another’s heart, cultivate feminine sensuality and, open the space and softness for someone to pursue & claim you. It will take the guesswork out of dating and relating so that you can start traversing the tricky area of intimate connection like an absolute Goddess! Get a life changing roadmap to manifesting the empowered, juicy life that is just waiting for you!! Are you ready to receive?