Why Awake? And why in the Dream? 

To be ‘Awake in the Dream’ does not mean you have some peak experience in a ceremony, workshop or session and then all of a sudden you are ‘awakened’.  Quite the contrary. To be awake in the dream is to lift the veil of illusion off everyday life. Just like in the Matrix movie, you can choose to stay asleep, or you can choose to know the truth. 

 Over 2 days, Chantelle Raven will help you embrace the many aspects of the human experience so you can love, accept and flourish in the world around you – AS IT IS. So that you become the centre of the cyclone instead of getting lost in it. This does not mean an absence of pain or a guaranteed state of perpetual happiness. It simply means letting go of your resistance and attachment to certain states, so that life becomes a meditation. 

Imagine being able to choose when and how you respond to people or situations, free from the usual knee-jerk reactions to strike back, defend, or run and hide; all of which create useless, vicious spirals in which our relationships end up slowly drowning. There is another way.  To stay awake in the dream; to be in the world, but not of the world and consumed by it.  

Through the practices of Tantra, this 2-day workshop will take you on an experiential journey into the inner sanctuary of your heart & soul.  By learning to take the focus off the external and to turn deeply within, solid foundations will be laid to navigate all of life’s experiences, free of the mind’s habitual narrative of victim and perpetrator.  

Once you stop pretending to be other than who you are, once you stop struggling to impress others, once you stop trying to defend ourselves, justify yourself, fix yourself or hide from your wounds, healing happens on its own.  



Over 2-days you will learn: 

  • Practices for inner centring, stillness and balance, so you can navigate life with strong foundations 
  • How to meet your inner darkness and become aware of the sabotaging tricks of the mind 
  • When shit hits the fan, how to implement Tantric tools bring your attention inward for expansion and growth, rather than projecting it outward and creating conflict with others 
  • The keys to having authentic self-worth and self-compassion for every part of yourself 
  • How to release control and head-fucking and let love inspire your decisions rather than fear 
  • How to create deeper love and intimacy with yourself and others that is grounded in truth, not fantasy 
  • The importance of establishing a realistic, daily routine for emotional and physical health 
  • How to work with the beauty and healing power of sound and mantra, to connect with powerful, unseen realms 

Come experience what it’s like to let it all be, let it all breathe, and let it all be alive…so that you can finally be free. 


For men and women, singles and couples, the complete beginner and the experienced Tantrics.  It doesn’t matter your age or what stage of life you are at.  To anyone who deeply desires to experience a powerful, loving, easeful and intimate relationship with themselveswith others and with all of life, this workshop will give you the knowledge, practices and experience to create a living reality of heaven on earth. 


Joining Chantelle Raven, over the 2-day workshop, are two powerhouse guest facilitators: Stuart Watkins & Si Mullumby 

Sharing his decades of wisdom as a yoga teacher, holistic life coach, and health and wellness expert, Stuart will be sharing his inspirational style of teaching that incorporates ancient spiritual techniques with a modern context to help you embody psychological, physical and spiritual balance. 

World–renowned musician, Si Mullumby of Wild Marmalade, Dream Drone & Didgeridoo Pranayama, will be sharing his unique, uplifting gifts of sound, music, presence and wisdom to connect us our kundalini energy and to our authentic self so that we can show up in our power and wholeness. 



Single: $399 (early-bird = $347 until 30th Sept 2021)
Couple/Bring a Friend Discount: $694 (early-bird = $604 until 30th Sept 2021)  
Strictly limited numbers. 

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of October 2021 

12pm – 7pm 

Subud Perth Centre 
222 Shepperton Rd, East Victoria Park WA 6101 

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