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Empowering you into embodied love and freedom



Embodied Awakening Academy

As one of the world’s leading expert on Tantra, Embodied Awakening Academy offers a comprehensive, supportive and integrated approach that invites you to live an extraordinary life. Though our transformational online courses and in person events we will go on a unique journey together to unlock your full human potential.

Embodied Awakening’s foundations are based upon creating a new culture where Love overflows, Truth is ignited, and Spirit is honored. Weaving aspects of Tantra, Yoga, mindfulness, shamanism, philosophy and sacred sexuality, Embodied Awakening will open your heart to a fulfilling, beautiful and connected existence where ease, joy and power are always available to you.

Embodied Awakening inspires men and women all over the world to embody the love and freedom that is their birthright, and finally have the relationship with themselves and another that they desire.


Welcome to Embodied Awakening – we are committed to assisting our students in mastering the Human Experience through the embodiment of Integrity, Compassion, Receptivity and Presence.


One-on-one body/energy work. Identify and move through unhealthy patterns and trauma to return to your authentic self. Embody emotional freedom, pleasure and empowerment within your relationship with yourself and others.


Take the opportunity to create powerful and lasting change in your life through one of the Embodied Awakening Academy events. Including interstate/overseas retreats, weekend workshops and 8-week courses


Our Events

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Fundamentals of Tantra | BaliAfter 16 consecutive sold-out event, Fundamentals of Tantra is back on in Bali the 7th & 8th September 2024. Don’t…Read More…
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To Where you want to be


Your Heart

Embody and express new sublime heights of love, authentic connection and openness. Discover the path of Sacred Union with yourself and your beloved.

Awaken Your


Powerful, unique practices to liberate your sexual energy. Learn to ride the waves and depths of your emotions, instincts, kundalini and pleasure.

Expand Your


Cultivate a mystic sense of freedom in your intuition and awareness. Understand how sexual and spiritual energies are the same energies that connect you to your Spirit.

Guiding us to reparent and rebirth ourselves.

Thank you Chantelle, for guiding me back to my divinity and sacred sexuality. For your ferocity and your vulnerability. For embodying healthy feminine archetypes and freeing our emotions and giving us the tools for healthy expression. For cracking us all open and helping us to sit in the flames to rise like phoenixes. For guiding us to reparent and rebirth ourselves.


If you would like to learn more or have some questions about our sessions, events or academy programs, please get in touch.

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