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Chantelle’s Offerings

Hi, I'm Chantelle

Breakthrough Session

1:1 & couples | 1 x 90 min session

In this online 1:1 session, we go deep into the vulnerability of your heart and authenticity of your soul to finally breakthrough what’s been holding you back and create exponential results to resolve what is missing in your life.  

Experience Chantelle’s life changing work and teachings first hand in this one off session.

Initiation Journey

1: 1 | 2-6 months | incl. 7 x 90 min sessions

A personal online initiation journey for those of you who are ready to live in your fullest expression and receivership. This includes seven 90 minute sessions with comprehensive, personalised notes sent to you after each session plus in between messaging support on Voxer. You also receive 50% off Chantelle’s online courses and online live events. 

You deserve for your life, relationships and career to align with your deepest joy, your truest longings, your ultimate pleasure and your unique magic. 

Relationship Codes

1:1 & couples | 1 month | incl. 4 x 90 min sessions

A deep online journey for those who are ready for a passionate, securely attached relationship. This one month commitment includes four 90 minute session and in between messaging support on Voxer.  You also receive 50% off Chantelle’s online courses and online live events. 

You don’t have to struggle in relationships. You can come from a place of deep surrender, trust and authentic commitment. 

Private Tantra Practitioner Training
1:1 | 12 months | incl. weekly sessions

A year long training intensive for those who want to intimately journey with me for one year to reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally.This includes a comprehensive manual, one 90 minute session per week and in between messaging support on Voxer. You also would have free access to Chantelle’s online courses and online live events.

This training has proven to generate powerful, potent transformation and is a trauma informed container that blends mindset and nervous system work with Tantra and Shamanism.

Private Tantra Queendom Mentorship
1:1 | 12 months | incl. weekly sessions

This is the highest level of healing & expansion possible on a personal level. Your nervous system will receive the ultimate gift of relaxing into being held in loving presence and expert guidance for an entire year.

You will also learn how to hold yourself in that same level of loving presence – no matter what is coming up inside of you. This is a journey into finding safety to BE in your body.

Soul Evolution

1:1 | Customisable session packages

This offering is for women who have already worked with me and who desire sustained, consistent expansion in all areas of their life. It’s about devotion to yourself, discovering what you truly long for and learning how to create that consistently in your reality.

If you are ready to play big and break the mould to unlock relational ease, abundance, passion, surrendered leadership and the full expression of your truth, this is for you.

Individual Immersion
4-day intensive

The ultimate investment in your mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

During this Immersion you will be held in luxurious accommodation and a safe, transformative space that has been carefully curated by world-renowned facilitator Chantelle Raven and supported by her partner, Metisse.

Held over 4 days and 3 nights surrounded by pristine nature, you will be living with Chantelle and Metisse and receiving their complimenting masculine and feminine gifts.  You will receive multiple sessions each day that are tailored to your specific needs, as well as being immersed in a Tantric lifestyle. 

Couples Immersion

4-day intensive

A couples romantic getaway for those who are ready for a serious upgrade. This is a 4 day commitment tucked away in a secluded luxurious Air BnB includes eight sessions, delicious, nutritious home cooked meals, and private time with Chantelle and her partner Metisse. You will also receive Chantelle’s Relationship Tantra online course (valued at $1000 USD) to support your integration.  

Relationships get to be more easeful, magical and pleasurable – and YOU get to choose.

Living Tantra Retreat - Spain

Living Tantra is the path of mastering the human experience – embracing both pleasure and pain, your light as well as your dark. It’s having the confidence to be unashamed of yourself in every moment; both vulnerable and exalted, in and out of the bedroom, for singles and couples.

If you’re ready to embody wholeness, to make love like a God and to be worshipped as a Goddess, then take the leap and join us at the Living Tantra Retreat Spain.

Living Tantra Retreat – Costa Rica

Living Tantra is the path of mastering the human experience – embracing both pleasure and pain, your light as well as your dark. It’s having the confidence to be unashamed of yourself in every moment; both hot and holy, in and out of the bedroom.

What does it take? A willingness to undergo a next-level upgrade of your emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual being. Clearing stagnant energies, awakening your life force energy, integrating your shadows, igniting your self-expression, aligning your purpose, opening your intuition, and entering the world of mysticism & magic.

Fundamentals of Tantra Weekend

If you are desiring to love yourself and have a relationship that actually feels good – one that honours your emotional needs and desires – I invite you to join us for a transformational weekend. You will tap into receiving and giving love with more ease as you lean back from conditioning and lean into your true being and deeper pleasure. 

Your life and relationships get to be more sensual, magical and fulfilling.

Living Tantra 8 Day Retreat

If you desire to create a secure attachment with a beloved, with money, with spirit and with all of life, I invite you to join us in the next Living Tantra Retreat. Together, we will heal the abandonment wound and the fear of commitment so your body feels safe to receive the love, pleasure and abundance that you desire. You will enter a portal of possibility where you can create your most authentic life and leave the legacy you came here to leave.

This is an 8 day commitment at $7,777 AUD. Payment plans are available. This includes a detailed manual and lifetime access to our Facebook online community group. 

If you have any questions or would like to know which of my offerings would be the best fit for you