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Initiation for Men

Initiation for Men – Signature Programme
1: 1 | 2-6 months | incl. 7 x 90 min sessions


This Initiation is where I fully show up for you and give you the greatest transformation of your life.  At the end of our time together you will experience authentic embodiment as a way of life, not just a concept. It’s about clarity, empowerment, momentum and embodied awakening. 

It is not for the faint hearted –  this is a shamanic death and rebirth journey into the truth of who you really are and the legacy you are here to leave. 

You will heal the parts of you that don’t feel safe to receive love and become a more whole, less distracted you. Who is the King of everything – your sexuality, your purpose and your relationships. 

Deep down, where your truth burns bright;
you can truly love and be loved,
you can truly be of service,
you can fully come alive,
You can embrace and embody the joy and self-love that you deserve.

Are ready to open the portal to a new you who can receive love and money, without stress, in your ease and pleasure?

 The Initiation will take you there.

I decided to work with Raven was because I was having a major shift in my personal life. After meeting her and experiencing her incredible essence I was sucked in.

I wanted to open myself up to connect with myself and with women on a much deeper level. For most of my life I had only ever experienced women on a very physical level and this I had grown tired of. What really blew me away was less than a week after our first session I had one of the most deep, intimate and profound experiences of my life. I can honestly say it wouldn’t have happened if Chantelle had not taught me how to actually hug from my heart. Seems so simple but it was life changing.

I come from a very tough, physical, male testosterone driven background where you were made to disconnect from your emotions so this work was way out of my comfort zone. 

I would highly recommend it for guys who have come from similar backgrounds and have struggled to connect past the physical level with their current or ex-partners. So much love.”

~  Conor Adams, Entrepreneur 

A Masculine Mentorship To Embody Your Awakening With Chantelle Raven




“When I first met Chantelle my desire was to fix dissatisfactions I was having in my sexual life. Spiritually I was crippled, and had been living a life focused materialistically. Chantelle’s approach was different. My nerves were quickly relaxed by Chantelle’s genuine, loving nature, and her ability to make me feel understood and seen. 

In our first session she completely transformed my understanding on the potential of sexual energy. 

Working with Chantelle has re-defined me spiritually. To take an embodied approach to mental and emotional challenges has been a radical shift, giving me the ability to delve deep into my psyche and grow as a person. 

I have no words for the gratitude and love I feel for Chantelle as both my spiritual teacher and friend. 

This work is for anyone that wants to understand life, themselves, and to release past patterns and trauma enabling them to experience life completely present, and in their bodies. 

~ Ron Ellis

The Application Process To Mentor With Chantelle Raven