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Tantra Basics

Sex Education in Tantra

What is Tantra?

Tantric Energy Flow Practice – Hollow Flute

The Importance of Breath

The Importance of a Daily Practice

Relationships the Tantric Way

Live Discussions With Chantelle

What is Soul Leadership?

Bringing Safety into Tantra

How to Open a Man’s Heart

Freedom from Stress

The Difference Between Owning your Darkness and Unconscious Harmful Behavior

How to Open a Woman Sexually

Stop Waiting: Live and Love Now

Boundaries: Where Do I end and You Begin?

Navigating the Noisy Neighbor in your Mind

The Importance of Humility & Integrity

Tantric Relating in Everyday Life

How to Deal with Anxiety & Stress

Healing the Feminine

What is Healthy Masculine?

Retreats & Workshops

Being Woman – Women’s Retreat, India

Living Tantra Retreat

Ignite Your Power! 8 wk Online Women’s Journey

Ignite Your Power Online Course – Q&A

Soul Leadership Live Discourse

Fundamentals of Tantra Weekend Workshop

Living Tantra Retreat

Awakened Relationships


Being Woman – Women’s Retreat Testimonials

Living Tantra Retreat Teacher Testimonials
Aaron Kleinerman & Chantelle Raven

Living Tantra Retreat Testimonials – ‘Would you recommend this retreat?”

Living Tantra Retreat Testimonials – ‘What was your biggest gift/realisation from the retreat?”

Living Tantra Retreat Testimonials – ‘Did you feel safe during the retreat?”

Abby Branson Discussing Life Tantra