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Tantra Holds The Key To A New, Profound Relationship With Your Body And Our In Person Offerings Open You To Receiving So Much More Love And Pleasure.

to your transformative Tantra journey.

I’m Raven, the founder and lead teacher in Embodied Awakening Academy who will guide you as you immerse yourself in a world of heightened bliss and authentic embodiment. It’s time to awaken your senses, ignite your soul, embrace your sensuality, and unguard your heart.

Master the art of love, sex, and relating as you tap into the limitless potential of your body, sensuality, heart, and spirit.

Create a foundation for safe, blissful, sacred connections and explore the essence of Tantric relating and intimacy for individuals and couples who desire to elevate their sexuality, relationships, and sense of fulfillment through the transformative power of Tantra.



Fundamentals of Tantra

Awaken Inner and Outer Union. Step through the gateway of Tantra with a weekend that supports you to enter into your body, feeling every sensation and emotion, and receiving love and pleasure without inhibitions – from yourself and others.

I went in with an open mind but had no idea Id come out feeling so connected not just to myself, but to everyone around me. The way I was guided to dive deep into my body, feel my sexuality without shame and express and my feelings was so eyeopening. I feel so much more present in my body and open to myself and my partner. If youre on the fence about joining, just do it. Trust me, you wont regret it.



Living Tantra Retreat

Revolutionize the way you feel about your body, your emotions and your sexuality and engage in practices that support you to heal from your past and expand into pleasure, love, intimacy, and purpose. This is a journey into expanding and mastering every aspect of the human experience.

My experience at the Living Tantra Retreat was truly lifechanging. In just 8 days, I felt like I underwent a complete transformation not just in how I connect to my body, emotions, and sexuality, but in how I approach life as a whole. The practices we engaged in were unlike anything Ive ever experienced and its hard to put into words just how profound the impact was. From diving deep into my rawest vulnerability and being seen in that, to connecting sexually with newfound safety and pure ecstacy, every moment felt like a revelation. This is not just a retreat its a journey into the depths of your soul.



4 Day Immersion with Raven - For Couples and Singles

We all have thousands of reasons to keep our hearts guarded. This immersion will unguard your heart and free your soul. You will receive bodywork that will release past pain (your own or that of your lineage) that is within your cells and buried deeply in your unconscious, so that you can finally OPEN to the love, ecstacy, abundance and ease that you desire.
This immersion changed the course of my life. The 4 days I experienced with Chantelle and her beloved was a complete rewiring on how to “do life” and I experienced healing and expansion on a level that would have taken me years to achieve otherwise. Every session was phenomenal. The body work was beyond all expectations clearing so much past trauma from my body I didn’t even know was there with such love and safety and took me to places I didn’t even know were possible. I came back as the next highest version of myself stepping into the next chapter of my life with ease, pleasure and joy at it’s centre and for that I will be forever grateful to them both. Without a doubt the best time and money I have ever spent on myself for my development, expansion and healing.



4 Day Immersion with Tara - For Couples and Singles

Tara guides you through this deep dive into the waters of selfdiscovery, healing, sensual embodiment and expansion. Her voice and energy is like a love bath that you can soak in for ultimate safety and her body work is truly profound, connecting you much deeper to the truth of your heart and soul.
After this couples immersion, my partner and I are showing up for each other in completely new ways and It has made our communication so much more connected and authentic. I can now hold myself in my deepest pain and speak authentically about what I need and he listens and receives me with loving presence. I also feel much more connected to my pleasure and my new daily practice that I received from Tara has been a total game changer. This experience completely changed our relationship.