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About Us

Embodied Awakening is a Tantric Arts Academy offering training in life, love and service.

It is an integrative, feminine approach in its style, guiding people all around the world to live in their ease, joy and power.

Embodied Awakening not only offers spiritual retreats, sessions and online courses but also boutique Tantra Practitioner Training which will help you to develop your own signature style as bodyworkers and healers.

To complete any of Embodied Awakening’s Tantra Trainings or Spiritual Retreats, you are choosing to deepen your personal spiritual practice by accessing the keys to live a fully embodied life and if you choose, to serve others as a Practitioner. As well as a foundation to your personal growth, Embodied Awakening offers incredibly potent healings for your personal relationships and business.

Embodied Awakening’s training, courses and retreats are all  based on the healing foundations of Presence, Breath, Sound, Movement & Touch. They help you to access and integrate all three centres (Animal, Heart and Consciouness) and allow you to find and develop our own gifts.

The depth we can work with others is directly related to the depth of our own self practice and journey

– as such, the Embodied Awakening Academy is a fluid combination of technique mixed with deep personal healing.

Working with Embodied Awakening is a deep initiation into wholeness, the path of awakening and Tantra and the art of sacred sexuality. The journey of exploration includes body work, creative expression, sounding and finding feminine flow in the body while dancing, moving and shaking/tremoring and also while in deep somatic meditation.


Since meeting Chantelle my life and my relationships have completely changed. I don’t even know how I thought I was living before I met her! The work I have done with Embodied Awakening has given me invaluable skills that I can apply in all areas my life. I now run a prosperous business with a counselling and body work model that is completely unique and which I love and my clients love. I experience intimacy beyond anything I have ever dreamed and I am really creating my own little heaven on earth. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have for this work.

-Abby Branson

Tantric Practitioner

In Chantelle’s sessions, she guides me out of my mind and into my body. The structure of her sessions makes me feel first of all, seen and heard as she asks me questions, then so much lighter and more aware of what’s unconscious through her body work. She then integrates our sessions with healing touch and more conversation, making sure I’ve understood everything and giving me very useful homework and at home practices. Every session I have had with her creates a significant shift and my life has completely changed since working with her. I would recommend every single person to work with Chantelle and I am so grateful for the impact her sessions have had on my life, work and relationships.

-Dimity Fall

Tantric Practitioner

Chantelle Raven

Inspires Women And Men Across The World To Embody The Love And Freedom That They Seek.

Originally trained as a lawyer (LLB, University of Melbourne) with Hons in Philosophy, Chantelle went on to complete two years training in Rudolf Steiner Education, followed by the completion of a certificate in Holistic Counselling. A committed mother of two, her career started in wellness and women’s health whilst at the same time pursuing a corporate career, working her way up to become CEO of an interstate sales business. When Chantelle experienced a massive personal health crisis (cervical cancer) she then placed all her time and commitment into the alternative healing arts where she uncovered her heart’s vocation in Tantra.

Not long after surrendering to her calling, Chantelle trained with one of the world’s largest contemporary sacred-sexuality training organisations.  After supporting on trainings for several years and learning under some of the best Tantra Teachers in the world, she became a facilitator and trainer, covering Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.

Chantelle has been working in the field of human development for almost two decades now

and has dedicated her life to supporting individuals and groups across the planet to awaken consciousness in our sexuality and in our bodies, to release sexual trauma and de-armour blocks in the subtle body, to bring more awareness to the relationship between the inner and outer masculine and to awaken the deep feminine in women’s work.

Chantelle resides in Perth,

balancing her professional life of writing, private-practice, facilitating women’s work, workshops and travel with her much beloved family.  She has a particular interest in supporting women to deepen in their love for themselves and others, and does so through The Living Tantra Series, as well as residential and online trainings and coaching.

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