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In these 8 days you will experience the tools for:
  • Sensual erotic embodiment
  • Emotional mastery
  • Activating your power
  • Self-sourcing safety and ease
  • Tantric ritual
  • Inner child integration


Feeling fully present and connected with yourself and the people who are closest to you.

Experiencing a level of wholeness and sovereignty that makes you feel complete.

No longer depending on external people and circumstances for your safety, joy and peace.

In Just 8 Days You Will Learn How to

✹ Truly love yourself and become your own best teacher/healer

✹ Create inner balance, relinquishing stress and anxiety by embracing a healthier mental, energetic, sexual and emotional state

✹ Heal your relationship with money by coming into deeper communion with it and reclaiming your worthiness to receive the abundance you desire

✹ Re-write feelings of unworthiness around love, pleasure, joy and money

✹ Heal your relationship wounds and sabotaging patterns so you can give and receive love without all the drama and stress

✹ Make power choices in your life that are in alignment with what you actually desire instead of living a life built on obligation and doing what’s expected of you

Get Ready to Recieve...

over 160 pages of teachings

Including teachings, tools and practices to expand all areas of your life

embodiement exercises

Tools, exercises and playlists that re-wire outdated patterns and beliefs.  Plus, somatic meditations to drop you into a state of remembering who you truly are

self reflection

Processes to incorporate the teachings into your day-today living. Plus, powerful affirmations to anchor new thoughts, beliefs and habits into your being


Tantric rituals for self-love, forgiveness and expansion.  Powerful and proven manifestation ritual to attract what you are truly desiring in all aspects of your life

a daily practice

A Tantric daily practice to lift your vibration for the day into a state of embodied love, power, clarity and pleasure, creating lasting change in your life long after the 8-day journey is complete.

Changing your life is a choice. It’s a choice to commit to being who you truly are without all the beliefs and patterns that restrict you. It’s a choice to commit to practices that support the unleashing of your true essence so you can live in the most ease, joy and inspired flow possible. Nothing has changed my life more than becoming who I truly am and no longer having shame around who that is. Finding my true yes and my authentic no and actually listening to that and being able to communicate that. This has meant that I can attune to what I love, what I need, what I desire and own that fully. This has meant I no longer hide away any parts of myself in shame or out of fear and I can show up in my relationship to myself and others with truth and authenticity. I have traversed deep inner work and committed to certain practices in order to feel totally ok with who I am and I want to gift you the jewels from this journey. Tantra 101 is this gift.


It is an 8 day journey to catalyse you into a way of being that totally honours your unique desires, needs, dharma and destiny. It is my honour to support you to discover who you truly and radiate that out into the world – magnetising all the love, abundance, pleasure and freedom that you deserve. 


I hope you enjoy the journey.


Make the commitment. To get from where you are now to where you want to be takes courage. The courage to step out of your comfort zone and into embodied authenticity and erotic aliveness.


May you find that courage.

With Love and Fire,


daily breakdown

Chapter One: Self Sourcing Joy and Peace

We change our life when we change how we approach life. Learn how to re-direct your energy, so that inside of searching endlessly outside of yourself for the love, validation, joy, and safety that you deserve and desire, you turn your focus inward to connect with the one you have always been looking for – you!

Chapter Two: Emotional Mastery

When we live our life in reaction, someone else has power over our emotional body. But when we learn how to respond from our centre, we reclaim our power. Learn how to let go of incessant mind chatter and instead harness authenticity, clarity and truth speaking. By doing so, you will become the master creator of your own reality, overcoming limiting beliefs, addictions and unsupportive habits that keep you small.

Chapter Three: Activate Your Power

When we know how to navigate the heart and body through tumultuous times and triggers, we become free. Learn how to take space when you need it, and give space when others need it. Experience practices to work with your unconscious shadows and call yourself and others to power. It’s time to be able to take challenges, conflict and chaos and transform them into powerful pivot points for growth and expansion.

Chapter Four: Inner Child Integration

An overlooked and crucial piece of the puzzle is the relationship with our Inner Child. When we heal, love and nurture our inner child, we can give ourselves that which we need and crave. We become able to make healthy requests of others instead of trying to do everything on our own, becoming demanding, withdrawing, or going into destructive patterns or escape strategies. This chapter will create a massive shift in your relationship with yourself and others.

Chapter Five: Re Root Your Base Chakra

When we awaken our lower chakras we create deeper safety and belonging for ourselves, and we take our relationships, money, power and pleasure to new heights. During this chapter you will experience the awakening of your lower chakras and the activation of life force energy for creation, passion, connection, abundance and excitement. This will enable you to make the most of this human experience and create the life for yourself that you desire.

Chapter Six: Sexuality and Sensuality

Would you like to completely transform your sex life and maximise the pleasure you give and receive in the bedroom? Tantric sexual principles move you away from quick, goal-orientated and unfulfilling sexual experiences to ones that connect you deeply to yourself, your body, your lover and Spirit. There is SO much available to us when we learn how to harness the potency of sexual energy for empowerment, bliss, creativity and deeper connection. After this chapter you will never view sexuality the same way again!

Chapter Seven: Tantric Ritual

There is a magic to Tantric ritual that cannot be understood with the mind. During this very special chapter, we will tap into ancient temple rites that will bring your innate mystical nature into your life and relationships. Get ready to experience the metamorphic power that devotion, mysticism and sacredness can have in your life.

Chapter Eight: Service, Purpose and Mastery

Would you like to become deeply connected to what you are here to do in this lifetime, and then to stay on track and in alignment with this every day? Learn a daily practice, as well as how to work with your beliefs, to bring your visions into 3-D reality, shine your unique soul spark in the world, and create a truly magnificent life for yourself.

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to over 160, pages of Tantric teachings, tools and practices to expand all areas of your life.

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You'll get over 160, pages of Tantric teachings, tools and practices to expand all areas of your life.