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Tantra Session’s

Sessions (in-person & online)

Tara – the Goddess of compassion – truly embodies her name, creating an unparalleled sense of safety and acceptance for every one of her clients, so they feel deeply at ease within themselves and whatever issue they are working through.

Her sessions range from female-specific issues, couples relationship work, mental health issues, addictions and working with trauma.

The premise of these sessions is that all trauma, tension and ‘stuckness’ is held within the body and nervous system. Through the Academy’s specific body-work protocols, Tara guides her clients into the body, so that whatever lies at the root cause of the contracted state, has the opportunity to seen, felt, expressed and integrated back into wholeness.


In this single session, you will be guided through a 1:1 Tantra session. You will receive a somatic taste of what is possible when you are able to lean into whatever experience or blockage is presenting in your life, so it can be released and re-wired, allowing for greater states of ease, joy and pleasure.

Duration: 1-off

Number of sessions: 1 session

Price: $400 USD

Session Containers


In this 3-month container we will be working to clear limiting beliefs and patterns that stop you from moving forward to create the life you desire. Be it the relationship with yourself, sexuality, emotional body, self-worth, purpose, wealth mindset or a partner, these sessions will clear what does not serve you, somatically from the nervous system, so that new ways of engaging with life become your reality.

Number of sessions: 9 sessions over 3 months, with follow-up homework and integration given between each session.

Price: $3,240 USD ($1,080 USD/ month)


This deep dive is an inner transformation that will have you showing up for yourself in completely new ways that create lasting change in your life. You will experience holding yourself in your deepest pain and your deepest pleasure so that no matter what life presents, you have not only the Tantric tools, practices and philosophy to navigate it all, but the embodied experience of what it is to guide yourself skilfully back to wholeness.

Number of sessions: 18 sessions over 6 months, with follow-up homework & integration given between each session.

Price: $5,982 USD ($997 USD/ month)


This 9-month container is a complete life-reset into the most hidden recesses of the unconscious. It is a journey for seekers of truth and self-mastery who are ready to look at every aspect of their being that is holding them back from shining in the world as a leader, as a lover, as a beloved and as an integrated power-house of a human being. We will explore and reveal all that stands in your way from living in your full authenticity, mastery, love, confidence and truth.

Number of sessions: 27 sessions over 9 months, with follow-up homework and integration given between each session.

Price: $7,987 USD ($887 USD/ month)

Online Course Sessions

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