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Embrace your true potential

The energy of Sexuality, Money and Power are extremely potent within our society, and everyone wants more of these in some form or another.  However, not everyone is ready to face the self-responsibility required to manifest and embody these powerful energies successfully.  In this 3 part masterclass—Sex, Money, Power—Chantelle Raven and Aaron Kleinerman take you through a powerful journey on how to use Tantric tools and techniques to work with these energies in your everyday life and shift the limiting beliefs held within your nervous system to create the life that you desire!


Harness the power of your sexual energy 

Sacred Sexuality is a ground-breaking course that will transform your current paradigms of sexuality, relationships and pleasure, from suppression to liberation.  Now more than ever we need to tap into sacred sexual energy with an intention that goes beyond conception and orgasm, into a deep exploration and acceptance of Self.  It is the energy that creates life on this planet and is an incredibly potent healing modality for radical transformation and awakening.


Integrate your shadows into wholeness 

To be in your true power is to live authentically as yourself in every moment – shedding the masks, facing your fears and freeing yourself from past conditioning.  This online journey of self-confrontation requires courage, truth-telling & a willingness to grow; it is perhaps the most important work if we are to live a self-loving, authentic & powerful life. Get ready for this warrior’s path to liberation, where your self-conflicted shackles will no longer bind you to living small. 


An initiation into awakened relationships 

Whether you are in a relationship or wanting to be in one, this course will teach how to navigate the realm of relationships, so they become your greatest teacher.  Not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, opening to pleasure and knowing your worth, so that a partnership with a beloved becomes a joyful source of awakening, expansion, passion and pleasure. 


Merging Spirituality & Practicality

Every soul has its unique purpose that is wanting to be expressed into the world.   When we merge spirituality and practicality, our ability to bring our purpose and passion into the world becomes an organic flow of inspiration, creation, manifestation and success. 

During this course, Chantelle Raven will guide you through strategies which acknowledge all parts of our human nature—the mind’s awareness, the body’s wisdom and the heart’s passion—to take your business to the next level.   Soul-Centered Business teaches a holistic approach to business that facilitates true success; where expanded capability, physical abundance and emotional aliveness are all possible.



Sexual Energy is the creative force of this world.  As men, by learning specific tools and techniques, you can begin to master your sexual energy. This all starts with your bedroom etiquette.

By learning to discover your natural erotic genius, you can dissolve away a lot of the old conditions that no longer work for you in the bedroom. How you act in the bedroom is directly related to the power and presence you hold in all areas of your life.Sex is not something that is openly taught as we grow up. We learn most of what we think we should do in the bedroom by watching porn, learning from our mistakes, and “finding” our way in the bedroom.  

When you Master your Sexual Energy, you will Master your Life. There is a way to deepen in who you are as a man and create greater intimacy for yourself and others.Come take a journey with Aaron through 8 weeks of deep soul diving in the bedroom. 

*Let go of your old patterns  *Discover yourself as a natural born lover  *Learn how to be the Man “she never stops talking about”

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