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Beginner to Tantra

to the beginning of your Tantra Journey!

I’m Chantelle Raven, the founder and lead teacher of Embodied Awakening Academy and your guide in these offerings. I am so excited you are here because I believe the world needs people like you who are ready to heal, expand and embody their power and pleasure.

I’ve spent the last two decades studying relationships and sexuality and supporting thousands of individuals to heal shame, conditioning and trauma that gets in the way of them receiving love and intimacy without all the struggle.

On my own healing journey, Tantra was the missing piece for me after a deep dive into talking therapy, meditation and personal development. Through Tantra, I discovered an empowered, embodied approach to my emotions, to love, and to sexuality, that completely transformed my life. My wish is that you experience this same ground breaking transformation.

Tantra is the key to loving yourself and others with all of you

and to unleashing your highest potential through deep, inner work that is rooted in mysticism and science. You are going to uncover a sense of aliveness and empowerment you’ve only dreamed of. Enjoy the journey!



Introduction to Tantra

Learn how Tantra can help transform your life, sexuality and relationships


I feel that anyone interested in experiencing extraordinary changes in their sex life, relationships and life needs to work with Chantelle. The amount of content and practices she provides, along with how real and passionate she is, is so invaluable and life changing.



Tantra Transformation Bundle

Unleash your most exquisite sexual expression and create a life filled with more love


Tantra Transformation has changed how I relate to myself and my life. I would definitely encourage every human to take this course. No matter where you are in your life or what youve experienced, this course is going to have a positive, empowering effect on you. And Chantelle is the best most authentic teacher out there!”



5 Tantric Keys to Achieve Mental Health

If you are feeling disconnected from
your joy and shut down, these techniques will support you to reignite your passion for life.


This course gave me the breakthrough I needed. Applying these simple, yet effective tools after receiving Chantelles passionate perspective on mental health, gave me a clear path forward. While my life is still not perfect, I have gone from constantly beating up on myself and making bad choices, to making choice that are uplifting and good for me. This has been a game changer



Online Sessions with Tara

Get the support you need with our Tantra Practitioner Tara


Tara was the best choice Ive made for helping me rediscover my selflove, joy, and sensuality, I couldnt asked for a better teacher to guide me in this inner self journey.


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Beginner to Tantra


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