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Introduction to Tantra

Introduction to Tantra

This course is designed for everyone – from those who are new to Tantra to those who have been practicing for years.  

Through this course, it is Chantelle and Aaron’s intention to de-mystify the ancient practices of Tantra and make them accessible in everyday life.  The student will receive an understanding of what real Tantra is, and how to infuse it into their life so that each moment becomes a body-based meditation.  The student will receive a specific Tantric practice within each of the modules, and by the end of the course have truly integrated these teachings to be able to live them in ever day life 

Rather than approaching spirituality through our left-brain, thinking mind in a top-down” approach, as is the case with most spiritual practice, Tantra takes a more feminine bottom-up” approach where we connect with the natural wakefulness that is already present within the body itself.  

Tantra excludes nothing and includes everything.  This means that you don’t practice Tantra from the standpoint that you are flawed.  You practice with the recognition that at the core, every part of you is divine.  During this course you will learn more about what that means and experience how that feels.   

Who is this Course For?

This course is for those who:

What will you Learn?

By enrolling in this online course, you'll learn how to:

Week by Week Transformation


Tantra in Everyday Life

This week you will dive into the Tantric tradition and learn how it can help you to live your most joyful, easeful, authentic life.


White Tantra

This week you will gain the knowledge and practices necessary to tap into and understand White Tantra and experience the power of kundalini, yantra meditation, mantra and deity worship 


Red Tantra

This week we will help you to understand the importance of your emotional and sexual body. We will also help you to create a more pleasurable, sacred connection with yourself and present or potential lover. 


Rose Tantra

This week you will learn to live with an open heart (Rose Tantra) so that you no longer need to push people away by turning them into your enemy or grasp for them by turning them into your savior. 


Living Tantra

This week we will explore power of discipline and commitment from a feminine as well as masculine perspective so that you can continue your Tantric journey with integrity, intuition and flow. 

About Chantelle and Aaron

Chantelle and Aaron were partners when this was recorded in 2021 and remain close friends and allies. They have a deep passion for embodied awakening and understanding the psyche and sexuality.  Both of them come from a strong academic and personal development background.  They have worked in the field of human development for almost two decades and have dedicated their life to serving love and freedom on the planet from a very early age. 

What they both experienced after a lot of learning and inner work, was that they needed to take conceptual teachings into the body to affect real change.  This is when they uncovered their heart’s vocation in Tantra.   

They have both travelled far and wide to immerse themselves in the teachings of Tantra and have trained extensively to facilitate deep healing and discover their own path as Tantra educators. 

It is Chantelle and Aaron’s intention to de-mystify the ancient practices of Tantra and make them accessible in everyday life.   

They have a unique style which is down to earth and grounded in practical wisdom. 

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Introduction To Tantra 5 Week Online Course

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