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If You Are A Coach, Healer, Serious Seeker Or Aspiring Practitioner You Are On The Right Page.

your transformative journey as a Tantra Practitioner!

I’m Raven, the founder and lead teacher at Embodied Awakening Academy. Together, we’ll embark on a profound exploration of Tantric wisdom and techniques, empowering you to master love, sex, relationships and purpose and guide others to do the same. Get ready to unlock the highest potential within yourself and become a beacon of light in the lives of others.

Build the tools and confidence to change yours and other people's lives on every level - mind, body and soul.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Tantra Practitioner Training. Dive deep into ancient wisdom and modern techniques to cultivate profound change on every level – mind, body, and soul. Gain the tools and confidence to guide others on their path to empowerment and fulfillment. Become a beacon of light, illuminating the way to holistic well-being and sacred connection.



Tantra Practitioner Self Study

In this immersive experience, youll have the freedom to delve into the ancient wisdom of Tantra at your own pace, guided by comprehensive resources and expert insights.


Tantra Guided Practitioner Training

Led by experienced instructors, this immersive program combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to equip you with the skills and confidence to guide others through Tantra practices. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to Tantra, join us and discover the transformative power of this sacred art.

Having been on my Tantra path for years, I was looking for the next level of depth and wanted to start coaching. The teacher training and working with Raven not only advanced my own personal practice exponentially, but also equipped me with so many techniques to guide others. The results Im getting with clients blows my mind and I’m so grateful for this work. Its been incredible.



1:1 deep dive Mentoring with Raven

Experience Chantelles transformative journey to unlock new emotional, relational, and sexual heights. Heal painful patterns, discover your purpose, and embrace abundance with love and safety.

Chantelles deeply held containers will guide you to a whole new emotional, relational, sexual stratosphere, healing the painful patterns that show up in your life so that you can expand to your highest potential. You will discover how to recognize and identify the healing that needs to be done then guided through practices to dive deep with love, care and safety. When the underlying cycles of emotional turmoil start resolving she will connect you to your dharma or purpose in a way that supports you to be fully expressed and receptive to the abundance, love and pleasure that you deserve.

Chantelle is equally wise and magical as she is down to earth and relatable. I love the way she brings her vast knowledge together with her life experiences in all of her teachings. She is honest, fun, entertaining and absolutely inspiring.