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Tantra Practitioner Training

For coaches, healers, and spiritual seekers who want to connect to their unique superpowers & heal others while building a rewarding career for themselves.

Your Invitation

As A Healer, Coach, Or Spiritual Seeker,​

Master The Art Of Being A Tantra Practitioner,

So You Can Support People To -

Create a joyful and thriving relationship filled with passion, safety, friendship, and depth that just keeps growing with time.

Release patterns of tolerating and people-pleasing (in & out of the bedroom), so that needs, desires, and boundaries can be communicated with both vulnerability and power. 

Let go of fear and protective mechanisms that keep the heart closed, so they can attract and maintain emotional and sexual connection with someone that continually deepens in intimacy and satisfaction. 

Experience pleasure, sensual arousal and lovemaking that has the animal, emotional body, and spiritual connection – all activated and engaged with a partner. 

Heal unresolved trauma and deep unconscious patterning, so that they can live a self-empowered, authentically expressed life. 

Be honest with their dreams and cultivate the inner worth and power to go after what they want in all areas of life, no longer playing small. 

You Are Being Called To

Be Part Of The 5% Population That Thinks Differently

That purely mind-based approaches to healing are no longer sufficient to clear the root cause of conflicts arising due to love, sexuality, and relationships. 

 The necessity of holistic embodiment to create lasting change in clients, that works with the mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of every situation. 

To be an impactful practitioner, your own personal embodiment and transmission of the inner work is the key to successfully supporting others. 

By doing so for yourself and others, you are part of a global movement of people who are showing up in the world to support individuals, relationships, families, and communities to live a joyful, passionate, safe, and beautiful life. 


Tantra is that tool which bridges the gap between the rational and the innate revolutionary power that resides within you to help you achieve self mastery in all areas of your life.

The World Is Looking For

Healers And Coaches

That Can Go Beyond The Obvious

This shift is visible from the fast-paced growth in the field of Tantra and the demand for embodied, somatic practitioners.  

Indeed, Tantra has become the new Yoga. 

People are looking for skilled practitioner in alternate healing techniques, that address issues around sexuality, relationships, self-worth, and inner power. 

 People are turning to Tantra, as it is the only tradition that combines sexuality, love and spirituality as a pathway to creating thriving relationships that are both emotionally and passionately alive. 

People are no longer settling for mediocre lives and want to break-free of societal conditioning and past trauma to live a fully expressed life – that says YES to meaningful relationships, embodied sexuality, wealth & abundance, and following their soul’s calling and purpose. 

And it starts with you! 

By becoming Tantra Practitioner, you can fulfill your desire to serve humankind, whilst expanding your own inner journey, and creating an abundant career for yourself as an online or in-person practitioner.   

 So, are you ready to be the ambassador of this radical change?



Tantra Practitioner Training

This Powerful Healing Modality Is Embodied, Grounded, And Effectual.

With input from some of the field’s greatest masters, this tantra training will make you one of the best practitioners in the groundbreaking and growing field of Tantra.

Embodied Awakening’s unique practitioner approach is a synthesis of:

With over 20 years of experience in the above modalities and Tantra, having learned from some of the greatest masters around the world, Chantelle Raven brings you this impactful training that is a much needed, missing-piece in the healing arts.  

Importantly, by the end of this training, you will embody the tools and wisdom of Tantra and these ancient modalities, so you may guide everyone who comes to you, either online or in person, and help them create thriving lives, build a healthy relationship, experience mind blowing love-making, embrace their sexuality and strengthen communication with their partners. 

This Course Will Enable You To

Master Different Modalities And Find Your Unique Teaching Style

Our curriculum covers a wide range of techniques, session protocols, and traditional Tantric knowledge passed down through generations. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that enable you to serve a diverse group of clients with unique needs. Throughout the training, you are further guided to develop your own session style that draws on your unique superpowers, that can be done either online or in-person.

Get Equipped To Work With Men, Women And Couples

Men and women have different issues arising around sex, love and relationships, and sometimes, it can be challenging to work through the problems of the opposite sex. With this training, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with both men and women, creating a safe and supportive environment for your clients.  

But that’s not all; you will also learn the tools and techniques to help couples have a more juicy, fulfilling and passionate relationship.

Build Your Career And Charge Your Worth

Upon completion of the program, you will possess all the essential skills required to work with clients, conduct sessions independently online or in-person, establish your own business, and confidently set prices for your services.   

 If you are already a coach or healer, integrating Tantra into your sessions will catapult your client’s life, in all areas, into new levels of embodied transformation.  

Here’s The Course Curriculum

Initiate your journey into the lineage of Tantra and receive the wealth of wisdom and healing tools it has to offer.

  • Traditional Tantra in a Contemporary Context
  • The importance of devotion and a stable practice
  • Working with Mantra, Yantra, and God/Goddess energy
  • The difference between being a master and a novice

Step into your role as a confident, focused, and authentic practitioner.

  • Setting up your practice room as a strong, sacred space
  • Moving beyond your fears and self-doubts
  • Releasing the agenda to ‘fix’ with loving presence
  • Mental health, addictions, and accountability

Structure and sequence your sessions to facilitate high level transformation and integration.

  • Invocation – calling in mystical energies to become a channel for grace & healing
  • Conversation – asking the right questions & practicing the art of active listening
  • Activation – vibrating the emotional & sexual body to discharge trapped energy
  • Integration – digesting the healing, meditation, and re-wiring core beliefs

Master the 2 key rules of healing—safety & integrity— to work skillfully with any type of trauma and client.

  • Navigating boundaries, consent, and attunement
  • Understanding trauma and the benefits of trauma release
  • Working with the nervous system and stress responses
  • The importance of discernment when working with sexual energy

Access the disowned and denied aspects of your client’s psyche to facilitate breakthrough healing experiences.

  • Resolving debilitating beliefs and patterns
  • The emotional body as a gateway into the unconscious
  • Voice dialogue techniques to integrate denied aspects
  • Healing sexual trauma and embracing fears and desires


Unique and essential techniques to heal emotional traumas in your clients that would otherwise go unacknowledged. Learn the Academy’s signature Body Work Protocols which utilize breath, sound, and movement to access the body’s natural wisdom:

  • Tantric Massage – elemental touch with loving presence to generate sexual energy throughout the entire physical and energetic body
  • Heart De-armoring & Breast Massage – inspires tenderness, self-love, and loosens self-protective armor built-up from past hurts
  • Inner Child Integration – Hold your client with healthy mother and healthy father energy to recapitulate and reparent at an embodied level
  • Awakening Kundalini – Spinal wave sequence to clear blockages and support fluidity through the major energy centers of the body

Support women to overcome blockages and live in their feminine radiance, sensuality, and surrender.

  • Conversation and connection with Inner Masculine
  • Womb healing and releasing past lovers
  • Yoni attunement and guidance into hearing her ‘voice’
  • Connecting to authentic feminine bliss

Support men to move through challenges so they can channel their sexual energy to embody power, presence, and stillness.

  • Sexual sublimation and releasing porn addiction
  • Self-pleasure and rewiring sexual guilt and shame
  • Initiating the divine masculine through meditation
  • Cultivating and trusting the inner feminine

Navigate the complex terrain of couple-dynamics with powerful models that will support your clients in healthy expression and resolution.

  • Sexual, emotional, and mental compatibility
  • Vulnerable sharing and reflective listening
  • Gratitude and making healthy requests
  • Releasing stress responses and role reversal

Powerful techniques to electrify your client’s connection and invite more passion and romance into their life.

  • Sexual polarity and the invisible partnership
  • Tantric merging with macrocosmic orbit
  • Exploring desires, fantasies, fears, and boundaries
  • Worshipful devotion and love appointments

Weave Shamanism with Tantra to initiate your clients into becoming powerful creators of an extraordinary life.

  • Being a channel for grace and intuition
  • Guiding a shamanic journey
  • Working with the Chakra system
  • How to protect your energy field

Essential session tips that ensure your clients integrate their work with you and your business keeps growing.

  • Pre-Session: intake forms and discovery calls
  • Post Session: homework and testimonials
  • Feeling confident with charging what you’re worth
  • Utilizing your unique superpowers

Here’s What Practitioners Are Saying

Aurika Valan

Christa Denz

Laura Petri

Jason Bart

You Will Receive

Comprehensive 12 Module Curriculum (Value $4,000)

A potent journey that delves into the Tradition of Tantra, self-confidence as a practitioner, our unique session structure, and 40 session techniques to handle any situation that arises in your sessions. 

48 Video Trainings (Value $1,000)

These lessons allow you to feel Chantelle Raven’s direct transmission of the teachings and acquire the knowledge necessary to expand your as a practitioner.   

315-Page Manual (Value $250)

A step-by-step guide to every aspect covered in the training, presented in a simple and easy-to-read format. 

30 Guided Audios (Value $500)

Guided journeys to integrate your personal embodiment of the work, enabling your own expansion and the ability to better serve your clients.  

Practitioner-Specific Daily Practice (Value $500)

To ensure that every day you are connecting with the tradition of Tantra and a consistent level of devotion, healing and expansion, to excel your practitioner journey. 

“There’s no mentor who changed my professional and personal life as much as Raven. There’s a huge gap in the healing and coaching world. It’s either too “up there”, overly focused on esoteric asce (32)

22 Demonstration Videos (Value $500)

Offering practical insight into the transformative flow of giving a 1:1 client session. 

“There’s no mentor who changed my professional and personal life as much as Raven. There’s a huge gap in the healing and coaching world. It’s either too “up there”, overly focused on esoteric asce (31)

Expert Practitioner Videos (Value $750)

Learn from world-renowned Tantra facilitators to enrich your understanding and practice of the core themes of the training. 

Circle Community Support (Value $250)

Join a supportive community of like-hearted and like-minded individuals through our Circle platform, where organic connections and ongoing support will be fostered.  You will have all your questions answered monthly by Raven, Tara or one of our advanced practitioners. 

Certification Of Completion

(Value $250)

Upon completion of the 12 modules you will receive an Embodied Awakening Academy Certificate of Completion, empowering you to start offering Tantra sessions to paying clients.

Additionally, an in-person Practitioner Retreat will be held annually, which alongside completion of the self-paced training, will give endorsement on our website, networking opportunities and access to our Practitioner Support Platform.  Dates for the 2025 retreat will be announced soon.

Note From Raven

Deep within our hearts and bodies lies a profound intelligence that can truly change our lives if connected to. 

It is the evolutionary force of love, expressed through our cells, nerves, heart, and the very essence of our sexuality. If we know how to listen to this with loving presence, the truth of every situation is always accessible to us.   

This Self-Paced Tantra Practitioner Training has been personally crafted from my 20 years of experience in training with some of the greatest masters in their fields of spiritual expertise and having myself facilitated close to 100 workshops, retreats and client sessions world-wide in the field of spirituality and Tantra.   

 My expertise in sexual trauma, conscious relationships, nervous system regulation, shadow work, and kundalini awakening inspires you to transform how you engage with life, rediscover your true self, and become a guide to help others do the same. 


This self-paced version allows you to choose the path that you were destined for in a way that is very accessible, affordable and spacious.    

I hope this inspires you to embrace the magic within and shine your soul in the world.    

 With love,   

Raven xx   

Here’s What Practitioners Are Saying

Erin Fowler

Donna Usher

Caitlyn Cook

Amberlee Carney

This Program Is

For You, If -

  • Despite trying different healing modalities, you have yet to find a path that addresses all aspects of the human experience and creates embodied change that lasts.     


  • You are already exploring the path of Tantra and wish to become proficient in healing techniques to begin working with clients, helping them shine in their relationships, release any guilt associated with their sexuality and fully experience pleasure.  


  • You are a coach or healer looking to add Tantra, embodiment, sexuality and relationship support to provide an additional service for your clients.


  • You are a committed spiritual seeker, ready to dive deep into the tradition of Tantra to fast-track your self-mastery and that of clients, in all aspects of life

Not For You, If -

  • You aren’t ready to fully immerse yourself in the practice and are looking for a quick fix for yourself and/or your client.


  • Your interest in Tantra stems from the idea that it is all about sex and will include only sexual practices.


  • You are only wanting to work with client’s through a mind-based approach, and are not inspired to take a holistic approach to healing that acknowledges, the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of healing. 


  • Safety and integrity is not a high value of yours to maintain the sanctity and integrity of the practice, to be able to support people into healthier and happier connections to love, sex and relationships. 




It Is The Perfect Time

For You To Enroll

With over $8,000 of content in this training,

we are making this customizable, Self-Paced Training available at 44% off this price!   

All of this

For Only $4,497! 

At Embodied Awakening Academy, it’s our mission to spread this vast knowledge of Tantra to as many people as possible that are yearning to become a practitioner, with a course that is a comprehensive training that can blend perfectly with your lifestyle. 

But that’s not all, 

You will also receive a further $500 off the Training if you enroll by the 7th July 2024, at a further discounted price of  – 


If You Enroll Right Now,

You’ll also receive our Tantra Transformation Bundle Course ($444) - for FREE.

And because we’re passionate about your own personal, sexual and relational empowerment, join us by the 7th July, 2024 you will receive this Tantra Transformational Bundle for Free.

Get instant access to over 20hrs of Tantric Teachings, practices & guided meditations on some of the most important topics to master the human experience.  Through this bundle you will connect you to inner wholeness, learn how to cultivate passionate and thriving relationship, and find a lasting inner peace that reflects an embodied sense of self-love, worth and empowerment. 


Here’s Some More Love From Our Practitioners

Ashae Sundara, 7 figure Spiritual & Business Mentor,

Sonja Melina, RYT (Yoga Teacher)

Aurika Valan, Intimacy and Feminine Leadership Coach

We Hear You

You want to immerse yourself into this body of transformative work, but you still have some lingering thoughts.  

 “Is this safe? Is this genuine?”  

Tantra has gotten a bad rep over the years due to disingenuous teachers and unfortunate scandals.  In addition to this, Tantra has been misunderstood as a sexual practice, while in truth, sexuality is only 10% of the body of work known as Tantra.    

As someone with a background in Kashmiri Shaivism, the birthplace of Tantra, and who has had the privilege of learning from esteemed spiritual masters like Sally Kempton and Ma Ananda Sarita, it profoundly upsets and angers me to witness malpractices under the guise of Tantra.  

 Embodied Awakening Academy’s mission is to create safe spaces for clients and students while preserving the integrity of the lineage 

 And we will teach YOU how to do the same for your clients.  

 Our Academy is known to hold a safe and integrous environment for every soul who walks into our Academy and works with us. 


Here Is An Overview Of Everything You Will Get In The Self-Paced Practitioner Training

You Pay Only $3,997

These Are The Different Modalities

You Will Learn Within This Training

Master The Art Of Tantra, Become A Tantra Practitioner And Build A Rewarding Career (43)

Optional Add Ons At An Additional Cost

Looking For a Deeper Tantra Experience? 

We understand that additional support can help you go deeper with your experience of becoming a practitioner.  

Here are 3 optional add-ons that you can choose from, at an additional cost.   


Self-Mastery Training Bundle

If you are needing extra personal support in the areas of relationships, sexuality, self-worth, addictions, business, and mental health, then our 4 x 8 Week Courses and 4 x Short Courses provide you with the knowledge and embodiment pathway for self-mastery, which is also incredibly helpful to build into your sessions with clients

By studying these additional online trainings, you will make breakthroughs that create lasting change in your own life, that will fast-track your personal Tantric journey.

The full-price of all 8 courses is $4,895. Add-on this bundle at check-out for just $1,500 and claim your $3,395 discount. 

Personalized Coaching

Are you new to your spiritual journey or looking to upskill and add Tantra to your services? Do you need personalized coaching to receive tailored support and hold yourself accountable through this training?  

You can choose to work with any one of our two mentors; 

Chantelle Raven – Tara Meegan  

Find out more about this one-on-on coaching HERE. 

Find out more about this one-on-on coaching HERE.

In-Person Practitioner Training Retreat

Embark on a comprehensive 7-day group journey, where you’ll delve into foundational practices from our online self-paced training, taking them to the next level through personalized 1:1 practice, guidance from Chantelle Raven and other seasoned practitioners, and the dynamic energy of in-person learning.  

This will be held once a year, where upon successful competition of the retreat, alongside completion of the self-paced training, you will receive Embodied Awakening Academy Endorsement and be eligible to access our Approved Practitioner Support Platform and be promoted through our website.  Dates for the 2025 retreat will be announced by August this year.   

Assessment & Certification

We realize that certification is not for everyone, so we offer this as an add-on for those who want to be recognized as a certified Tantra Practitioner. Purchase this add-on to undergo assessment to be certified by our accreditation partner, The International Institute For Complementary Therapists. Not only can you get a membership, but also become eligible for insurance so that you can secure your career and your future. 

Self-Mastery Online Trainings

Get access to our most coveted courses on self-mastery in the fields of mental health, sexuality, addiction, relationship, self-worth, and business. These include four 8-week courses and four minicourses. By studying these additional online trainings, you will expand your knowledge and skills, enabling you to help your clients (and yourself) make breakthroughs that create lasting change

Personalized Coaching

Are you new to your spiritual journey or looking to upskill and add Tantra to your services? Do you need personalized coaching to receive tailored support and hold yourself accountable through this training

You can choose to work with any one of our three mentors;

Chantelle Raven – Tara Meegan – Erin Fowler  

Find out more about this one-on-on coaching HERE.

Want To Compare The Course Curriculum With The Optional Add Ons?

Ashae Sundara, 7 figure Spiritual & Business Mentor,

Sonja Melina, RYT (Yoga Teacher)

Aurika Valan, Intimacy and Feminine Leadership Coach


Your Tantra

Practitioner Journey Today

This is a golden opportunity to gain this ancient knowledge of Tantra to become a coach or a healer.

One that helps couples and individuals through Tantra & other powerful modalities to bring back the lost spark in their relationship and dive into deeper issues while building your career in one of the fastest-growing industries.  

  Or… expand your current business by incorporating the unique tools of Tantra into your practice and more powerfully fulfill your purpose of serving humanity.   

From the comfort of your home, at the pace you find suitable, and at a price that is customizable and affordable, you are one step away from transforming your life.  

 As an ambassador of change and protector of love, I invite you to master the wisdom of Tantra.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re passionate about supporting others in the areas love, sexuality, relationships, shadow work and emotional release, and you seek to make a lasting impact while achieving financial freedom doing what you love, we warmly invite you to embrace this empowering initiation. 


Prepare to become a confident and qualified Tantra Practitioner, offering deep, transformative, and life-changing sessions to women, men and couples, either in-person or online. Upon completion you will feel assured in your ability to charge upwards of $250 per session, opening yourself to being who you came to be. Expect to become an embodied, impactful Tantra Practitioner who is a channel for healing and love, supporting people to release all that no longer serves. 

After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information to access the Self-Paced Tantra Practitioner Training. You will have access to all course materials and videos right away. 

As the name suggests, it is a self-paced course where you will get all the recorded training videos, audio and manuals to learn at your own pace.  There is a Community platform (Circle) where you can interact with other students and our support team, as well as a dedicated space to ask all your questions to do with the training, which will be answered monthly by Raven, Tara or one of our advanced practitioners.  

As an alternative, if you feel you need live support and 1:1 coaching , from our core team, you can purchase ‘personalized coaching’ as an add-on option and choose your mentor.  


 You will have lifetime access to refer to the content whenever you want. 


As the oldest lineage, Tantra requires a deep commitment and an unwavering dedication to spiritual growth and transformation. We do not offer refunds, as we are looking for people who are fearless in diving deep, staying consistent with their practice with whatever is happening in their lives, and staying committed to their inner journey and training through the ups and downs of life.   

For this reason, you must conduct your research and confirm that you are ready to undertake this work before you enroll.   

Please also refer to our training Terms and Conditions in full before enrolling.  


This program can easily be incorporated into your daily schedule as a self-paced course. There is no limit to how many hours you can dedicate to this training – 5 hours per month, week or day! Whatever feels right for you.

This course is not a business creation course, and as such does not teach how to find clients through strategies.  It does however address the most key aspects of attracting clients – through being an embodied example of the work in your own life, and knowing your worth – the two most impactful lead generators you can have . 

The Academy fully welcomes and celebrates lesbian, queer, bisexual and pansexual people and any other sexual identities, orientations and choices in this course. We fully embrace LGBTQIA+ sexuality and want it to be fully included in Tantric work. In this program, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. We believe that all sexual orientations are healthy and natural expressions of human sexuality and we are continuously learning and aiming for deeper understanding.  

We do acknowledge that the majority of our work comes from heteronormative teachers and traditional systems. As a result, the majority of the language in the program is heteronormative and/or gendered. If you feel okay and safe to adapting that to yourself and to how you might work with LGBTQIA+ clients in the future, then we fully support you joining this program.  


In our material and courses, we use the word woman for any person who identifies as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth and we use the word man for any person who identifies as a man, regardless of their assigned sex at birth. We also fully welcome and celebrate non-binary folks to join this program. We acknowledge that gender is non-binary, fluid, and on a spectrum and support each individual’s right to live in alignment with their gender identity. 

That being said, this course is gendered and uses gendered language and our teachings come from heteronormative teachers and traditional Tantric systems. Our desire is to be as inclusive of trans and non-binary folks as possible, however there are current limitations in the program’s content and material. 

For instance, Module 7 covers Tantric Practices for the Feminine and relates to womb and yoni work (Yoni is the Tantric word for vagina). Module 8 covers Tantric Practices for the Masculine and relates to sexual sublimation and self-pleasure work with the lingham (Lingham is the Tantric word for Penis). We currently don’t have specific training for queer, trans and/or non-binary identities. 

If you are non-binary or trans, feel into what you need to be safe. If you’re okay working with practices that are labeled “Men’s” and/or “Women’s” in a CIS-gendered, heteronormative, and traditional sense without the mentioning of non-binary or trans people in the content, and you feel supported to navigate and make the content applicable to your clients and community, then this program could work for you. However, if that doesn’t feel like enough safety or acknowledgment, we understand and respect that. 

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