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Receive our 4 esteemed 8-week online course, as well as our 4 powerful short courses, at $2000 off in our Self-Mastery Bundle.

This is your Tantric

for sacred sexuality, thriving relationships, personal power, living your soul’s purpose, and expanding your capacity for ease, joy and pleasure.

The 4 x 8 Week Courses

These courses are a deep dive into specific areas of personal mastery, including relationships and inner union (Relationship Tantra), sexuality (Sacred Sexuality), power and shadow work (Ignite Your Power), and purpose (Soul Centered Business).

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality will transform your current experience of sexuality and pleasure beyond mere performance and genital-based gratification, to a whole-being openness where sexual energy can pulsate through your entire body.

Learn how sexual energy is a healing modality that brings awakening, power and aliveness to every aspect of your life – in and out of the bedroom.


  • Sexual energy as a healing modality that has the power to release past trauma, fear, guilt and shame around sexuality.
  • An awakening of life-force/kundalini energy so that pleasure becomes a WHOLE-BEING experience.
  • The art of enticing desire through authenticity, safety and play.
  • Rewriting of you ‘inner script’ on self-worth, sexuality and body-image.
  • Sexual energy with an intention that goes beyond conception and orgasm, into a deep exploration and remembering of Self.

Relationship Tantra

Whether you are in a relationship or want one, this course will teach you how to navigate relationships so they become your greatest teacher. Rather than separation and conflict, find union  rather through self-responsibility, self-love, pleasure and knowing your worth.

During these 8 weeks, you'll experience:

  • End the compulsive behaviours of neediness and avoidance that come from your wounding.
  • Learn life-long practises to bring gratitude, love, playfulness and harmony into your relationships.
  • Know how to deal with pain when it arises in relationships so you can grow from it, rather than have it wreak hoc in your relationship.
  • Learn how to attracts and maintain relationships where the love and passion builds rather than fades.
  • Move beyond the love/hate dynamic that destroys relationships and learn how to cultivate a new paradigm of relating which is vibrant, nurturing, sexy and authentic –with yourself and with another!

Ignite Your Power

We all have shadows – the parts of ourselves we judge, suppress, and avoid, but nonetheless remain lurking in our unconscious (and cause suffering in life). Working with unconscious shadows is essential if you take your  spiritual journey seriously and want to become the conscious creator and authority of your own life.

Learn how to access the most valuable jewel of deep transformation that resides within the darkest of energies within your own being.


  • Understand how your unconscious is the cause of conflict, separation and self-sabotaging behaviours in your life, and how to change this.
  • Reflect on states of victim-hood, exploring the different ‘voices’ that live inside your psyche, seeing where you control your life rather than live your life.
  • Face your hidden motives of control, fear of loneliness, greed and jealousy so they no longer impact your life.
  • Learn what your debilitating, unconscious patterns are in relationship & how to overcome them
  • Practice Shadow Work to access your deepest vulnerability and humanness and to stop making others responsible for your own suffering and therefore happiness.

Soul Centred Business

You have a unique purpose that wants to be expressed in the world. You know it, but something is holding you back. 

True success in business and creativity is like every other part of the human experience — it requires courage, self-responsibility, awareness and a level of inner-work that gets reflected in our outer reality.

I will show you how.

During these 8 weeks, you'll experience:

  • Learn skills to become highly successful doing what you love.
  • Clear fears and blocks around money that inhibit your manifestation of wealth.
  • Learn effective routines that balance your life and stop burn out.
  • Master business principles to shift you from being mediocre to great/elite.
  • Embody confident leadership skills that are imbued with loving awareness.

The 4 X Short Courses

The short courses provide specific education and experience on key aspects of the human experience including mental health, sexual healing, how to cultivate magnetic joy, and the trinity of sex, money & power!

Sex Money Power

In this video series—Sex, Money, Power—Chantelle Raven and Aaron Kleinerman take you through a powerful journey on how to use Tantric tools and techniques to work with these energies in your everyday life. Through both embodiment and awareness you will start to feel into how you have responded to these energies in your life and how to shift the limiting beliefs held within your nervous system to create the life that you desire! If you are ready to experience sensuality, power and abundance in your life – then this short course is for you!

Achieve Mental Health

In this short course, Chantelle Raven guides practices to empower you toward mental wellness by feeling natural emotions and opening to the fullness of the human experience; both the challenging and the joyful.

Learn how to embrace feelings of gratitude, love and happiness as well as being present with challenging emotions.

5 Exercises for Sexual Healing

In this short course, Chantelle Raven guides practices to unlock your sexual essence and open to the healing power of love through self-connection, communication and foundational sacred sexuality practices.

Release the past to create freedom to explore sexuality, express from an open your heart, open to receive the love that is your birth-right. Learn how to create safety for yourself throughout your healing, powerful somatic express and release tools, communication tools and self-exploration practices.

5 Ways to Cultivate Magnetic Joy

Stop self-sabotage, rewire your conditioning and fill your own cup to invite more joy into every day.  In this short course, Chantelle Raven guides practices to consciously connect to your heart, unravel habits and conditioning create your own joyous life.

Practices include how to cultivate joy though inner-union and balance of masculine and feminine energies, rewiring conditioning, self-care, gratitude and meditation.

The full-price of all 8 courses is $4,895.

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