Initiation Journey

The Feminine Initiation – Signature 3 Month Programme


This 3 Month Initiation is where I fully show up for you and give you the greatest transformation of your life.  At the end of our three months together you will experience authentic embodiment as a way of life, not just a concept. It’s about clarity, empowerment, momentum and embodied awakening.

It is not for the faint hearted –  this is a shamanic death and rebirth journey into the truth of your Hot and Holy Soul.

You will become a more whole, less distracted you who is the Queen of everything – your sexuality, your purpose and your relationships. You will heal any issues around body image and self-worth and will open to more pleasure and joy than you ever thought was possible.

Deep down, where your truth burns bright;

you can truly love and be loved,

you can truly be of service,

you can fully come alive,

You can embrace and embody the joy and self-love that you deserve.

“Chantelle is truly a medicine woman of Tantra and has supported me in completely transforming my approach to relationships and men. I was divinely guided to her while in the depths of despair of yet another break up. I knew I wanted to get real and start to own my shit and this pattern of continually creating separation.  Although I didn’t believe I had the money to mentor with her, everything in my body and intuition was telling me that I need this.  It was the most important decision I have ever made in my life and one that I will be forever grateful for. Not only did I end up attracting an incredible relationship, I gained access to her passionate transmission which I now bring into the classroom whenever I teach.

Chantelle is a breakthrough facilitator and powerhouse Queen that will change your life forever. Your self-love, ability to communicate and capacity to feel your pleasure will exponentially grow when you decide to work with her.  I don’t even recognise the woman that I once was. I am eternally grateful to her.”

~ Lisa Manda (School Teacher)

A Feminine Mentorship To Embody Your Awakening With Chantelle Raven



“Since meeting Chantelle I have attracted an amazing man into my life and I finally know how to ask for what I need with love and grace. What I have discovered about myself through my sessions with her is actually mind blowing.  I was doing it all wrong things – obsessing over men, not speaking my truth, blowing up with resentment when I finally did speak up, and essentially self sabotaging every relationship.   I am eternally  grateful to Chantelle for transforming my world from confusion and heartache to love and joy.  Without her, I would never have never known that such deep self love, self respect , joy and pleasure was even possible! “

~ Michelle Lee, Physiotherapist

“Choosing to work with Chantelle was a no brainer. She is the embodiment of the work that she teaches and I only work with those that truly embody their message. As soon as we connected I felt a strong resonance and could feel her devotion and integrity. 

I desired a deeper intimacy and more passion in my relationship, my partner and I operate a very successful business together and I felt depleted, exhausted and a lack of desire before working with Chantelle. 

Since applying her teachings I feel more empowered, more confident and more turned on by life. Our relationship and business is thriving and we’ve got the polarity back in the bedroom and the boardroom.

I would recommend Chantelle’s work to anyone looking to ignite more passion, intimacy and connection in themselves and their relationship which will amplify every area of your life.”

~ Abergale Bremner, Founder of Limitless Love and IAMWOMAN Movement

The Application Process To Mentor With Chantelle Raven