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Individual Immersions

In Person Individual Immersion
4-day intensive

The ultimate investment in your mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing.

During this Immersion you will be held in luxurious accommodation and a safe, transformative space that has been carefully curated by world-renowned facilitator Chantelle Raven and supported by her partner, Metisse.

Held over 4 days and 3 nights surrounded by pristine nature, you will be living with Chantelle and Metisse and receiving their complimenting masculine and feminine gifts.  You will receive multiple sessions each day that are tailored to your specific needs, as well as being immersed in a Tantric lifestyle. This powerful combination of both formal and informal time together increases the learning potential and embodiment of the teachings, which ensures that the knowledge and practices you experience can be implemented in your daily life and relationships.

You will be mining the depths of your heart and soul, healing from your past and expanding into a new version of yourself.

The highlight of this journey is the body work and shamanic journeys which will support you to release past traumas and create a new you.

All you have to do is commit to yourself and let yourself be loved, guided and thoroughly nurtured!

You will walk away with

The Program

Day 1:

– Arrival 4pm.
– Introductory discussion with Chantelle and Metisse, followed by dinner together.
– Evening ceremony to open the container and set intentions for the immersion.


Day 2 & 3:

– 4 – 6 hours of sessions daily, tailored to your specific needs.  These sessions are deep dives working to: (1) clear armour and blockages that may be holding you back from giving and receiving life love fully, and (2) activate deeper levels of self-love, pleasure, harmony, joy and freedom
– Shared meals together and natural Q&A sessions with Chantelle and Metisse throughout your informal time together
– Morning daily practice to support the integration of the 1:1 sessions


Day 4:

– Final session in the morning that will support you to integrate the immersion into your daily life
– Lunch together before closing the immersion journey

Immersion Details

The Application Process for Individual Immersion