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Private Tantra Queendom Mentorship

This is the Highest Level of Healing & Expansion Possible on a Personal Level

Your nervous system will receive the ultimate gift of relaxing into being held in loving presence and expert guidance for an entire year. You will also learn how to hold yourself in that same level of loving presence – no matter what is coming up inside of you. This is a journey into finding safety to BE in your body.  

What I have seen from past clients, is that this deep ongoing intimate commitment to yourself calls you to power like nothing else can.  You will naturally begin to shine your unique essence into your relationships and into the world, receiving all that goodness back to you, tenfold!

You will get to finally release the layers of protection around your heart, the conditioning in your mind and the trauma in your body so that your pure aliveness and love can flow wildly and freely. 

When you are consistently supported to deeply connect with yourself with tenderness and authentic presence, grace emerges, and beauty is ignited.  It is through this awakening that your soul evolves exponentially, and a new world can be birthed.  This is your power and potential as a woman.

“Choosing to work with Chantelle was a no brainer. She is the embodiment of the work that she teaches and I only work with those that truly embody their message. As soon as we connected I felt a strong resonance and could feel her devotion and integrity. I desired a deeper intimacy and more passion in my relationship, my partner and I operate a very successful business together and I felt depleted, exhausted and a lack of desire before working with Chantelle. 

Since applying her teachings I feel more empowered, more confident and more turned on by life. Our relationship and business is thriving and we’ve got the polarity back in the bedroom and the boardroom. I would recommend Chantelle’s work to anyone looking to ignite more passion, intimacy and connection in themselves and their relationship which will amplify every area of your life.”

Abergale Bremner, Founder of Limitless Love and IAMWOMAN Movement

At The End Of This Sacred Container

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve been doing the inner work and now it’s time to create the life and relationship you truly long for and deserve…

You are ready to fully trust and surrender into the wisdom of your body….

You are ready for the next edge of your healing and expansion…

You are ready for that next level of support & connection that cannot be found in large groups…

You are ready to stop depending on the external for your safety and happiness…

You are ready to find your inner soul mate and be there for yourself no matter what – fully feeling whatever pain and pleasure is inside of you with loving awareness…

You are ready to RELAX and enjoy your life without resistance to anything that arrives within you and outside of you…

You are ready for YOU and LIFE to become your greatest ally and teacher….

You are ready for someone to truly see you, feel you, elevate you and align your life, career and relationships with your needs, values, and desires.

Embodied Awakening is Your Next Step & You Want Individualised Support to Get You There.

The next level ‘you’ requires you to get out of your comfort zone, which is a beautiful, difficult journey.  I’m here to provide guiding support on that journey.

You don’t want the attachments and control mechanisms of your mind to run the show anymore…

You want the truth of your soul to start taking the steering wheel so that you can choose:

A relationship and business that aligns to who you really are and feels uncomplicated.

A life that keeps you energized & fulfilled.

A level of sexual embodiment that is alive and fulfilling.

…and you won’t settle for anything less.

The answers you’ve been looking for don’t live inside books, podcasts, or the next self-help strategy…

The answers don’t live in the external (partner, money, followers, status) …

The answers live inside you and I’m here to help you find them.

This Profound Transformational Journey Will Support You To:

* Embrace and love the totality of your human experience

* Discover the mystery and magnetism of your feminine

* Know yourself, be yourself and be proud of who you are

* Open your radiant beauty AND embody your sexual essence

* Be fully alive, in your creativity and bliss

* Create a union of your inner masculine and feminine

* Embody self-love, self-respect, and self-worth so that you no longer settle for anything in your life that is not a full FUCK YES

* Be with and listen to your emotions rather than judging, analysing, resisting, or hiding them

* Know why you are here and ignite your true gift into the world

* Embrace your purpose and live it with ease and grace

It is time to turn within, to heal and release all that has been limiting you from your personal past conditioning.  

It's Time To:

A 12 Month Mentorship To Embody Your Awakening



The Application Process Mentor With Chantelle Raven