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Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough Session - Individual

$500 USD

Please note that due to limited availability, only one breakthrough session is available per client. Immersions and Mentorships are available for longer periods of time by application only (see more info below). 

In this online session, we go deep into the vulnerability of your heart and authenticity of your soul to finally breakthrough what’s been holding you back and create exponential results to resolve what is missing in your life.  

This Online Session may include:

* Neuroplasticity and EFT to rewire what is keeping you from attracting the life and relationship you desire
* Guidance on how to be confident in the way that you express yourself in and out of the bedroom
* Communication tools to catalyze change and growth in your relationships
* Sacred Sexuality and how to embody your unique sensual nature, pleasure, and desire
* Emotional detoxification to release the old and make way for the new
* Mother and Father wound healing to create openness to receive love 
* Shadow Work to cultivate true power through meeting, accepting and integrating the unconscious
* Embodied mindfulness so that your attachments and resistance no longer control your reality.

Each online session is 1 – 1.5 hours and includes recommended exercises and practices that will support you on your journey into Wholeness. Payment is required before the session via direct deposit. 

Please note online sessions are scheduled on (GMT+8) time.


“Chantelle is the true embodiment of her teachings, as she lives and breathes Tantra as a way of life. I have nothing but immense amounts of gratitude for the freedom, permission and liberation she has gifted me through the spiritual lens of her heart. Her ability to hold sacred space and enter the shamanic realms allows the evolution of your being to be catapulted into expansion. She is the most devoted, outrageously loving, epically powerful, elegant, mystical, intelligent Mentor who truly supports you to come home to the beauty and magnificence of your iridescent Soul.

I wouldn’t be the empowered woman I am today without the brilliance of Chantelle and her influence in my life, words will never be able to articulate the transformation I have experienced. Since working together, I have received a complete re-education on how to live ~ in the way I relate to myself, to others and to the world around me. There has been a reclamation of passion, purpose, pleasure and power, I have a new found sense of aliveness and ecstatic bliss permeating through my body, and I’ve never felt so safe, free and at ease to be me.

She has walked me home, to remembering of Truth. If there is a willingness to meet the depths of yourself, to be seen, heard and felt, to entirely shift and change your life, and to live and lead in love and sovereignty ~ I’d highly recommend this Priestess.

I love you Chantelle. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

– Tania, Life Coach

Breakthrough Session - Couple

“I found Chantelle when I was recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. I was excited to find someone so down to earth, relatable and intelligent.  From my first call with her, it was obvious that she really knows her work.  Our work together revealed to me that it wasn’t actually my addiction that was the problem it was my inability to be alone, feel my feelings and receive love.  Our sessions revealed a lot of past trauma and a very scared little girl who was holding onto a lot of armour because it felt safer. She explained a lot to me about the intricacies of trauma and made me feel safe to express and release my grief and my rage which I realise was a huge blockage to me attracting a relationship.  After working with Chantelle I found an amazing man and am finally experiencing a harmonious, respectful, loving relationship”.

Tania, Life Coach

“I am a very private person, so I was unsure about opening myself up to a stranger. However, Chantelle provided a safe, relatable and non-judgmental space to explore my sexuality and what I now understand to be huge avoidance strategies. She has a knack for peeling back layers in a very humorous, direct, intelligent, positive way. I’ve become aware of my fantasies and desires that were in shadow but also the ones that are perfectly healthy and was able to strip away a lot of guilt and shame.  I also gained amazing skills and tools for supporting a woman to feel seen, heard, held and turned on. I also came to appreciate my strengths, and can now spend less time chasing and more time being.  She’s amazing – I highly recommend her to any man who wants to understand himself and understand women a lot better”.

Anthony, Lawyer

“Working with Chantelle completely changed my life. Her love and warmth combined with her knowledge and skill is a dynamite combination for an incredible pratitioner.  I shall be eternally grateful to her and what her work has brought to my life and my relationships. She not only holds space for every part of me but she also fiercely calls me to my power and inspires me to let go of my story and be who I truly am. She helped me to understand why I was so stuck and why I’ve always responded and reacted in very unhealthy ways to the men in my life.

It’s been 4 months since our first session and I’ve finally started to feel like I’m moving past the armoured little girl and opening to love – love from myself and from the man I attracted into my life after working with her for two months. I believe the reason for that is because every day I’m coming back to myself more and more and Chantelle made that possible. I’ll be forever grateful for that and will never hesitate to recommend her to others”.

Sharon Shaw (Technical Director)

Beyond the Breakthrough Session

Private mentoring and training is for those who are wanting to venture more deeply into the path of Tantra, under Chantelle’s expert guidance, as a way of life or career choice.

If you would like to explore a Private Mentorship with Chantelle please see details below for her 1:1 Feminine or Masculine Initiation Journey.  

For an intensive journey that initiates couples onto the tantric path and into the realm of Sacred Union, Chantelle also offers a one month ‘Relationship Codes’ online intensive for couples (also available for individuals) as well as private, in person immersions (individuals and couples).

If you would like to explore becoming a Tantra practitioner please see details below for her 1:1 Tantra Practitioner Training.

In Person Breakthrough Session


Please note that due to limited availability, only one session is available per client.  Immersions and Mentorships are available for longer periods of time by application only.

Breakthrough Sessions Include:

*Conversation to help you identify, clarify & understand current challenges
*Somatic activation to connect you to your most sacredly vulnerable  experience 
*Emotional release such as voice dialogue, anger exploration, letting go of grief
*Intimacy exploration and coaching, to break relationship patterns and set you free
*Sexual healing and trauma release to support the change you seek
*Tantric bodywork and de-armouring to help you be fully present to your life
*Opening you to more bliss and pleasure
*Finding how to bring full realisation into embodiment