Tantra Practitioner Training

ONLINE TANTRA practitioner TRAINING program

Embodied Awakening Academy offers an Internationally Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy & Practitioner Training.  Our accredited Tantra Online Training Program enables the student to gain deeper knowledge and insight into embodying Tantra at every level of the human experience, including safety, sexuality, power, relationships, self-expression, intuition and awareness, and trains you in how as a practitioner you can help others do the same.

Embodied Awakening’s unique training approach is a synthesis of Spiritual Psychology, Ancient Tantric Temple Arts, Shamanism, Kundalini Body Work, Breath Work, Trauma Release, Somatic (Body-Based) Therapy, Mindfulness and Jungian Psychology.

Our teachers and support team fully embrace Tantra as a way of life, and by joining us, you will learn to live in the throne of your heart and inspire others to do the same.

If you are searching for authentic spiritual wisdom, self-knowledge, insight and tools to establish a professional practice, or you are wanting to take your existing practice to the next level that will make a real difference in the world, then the Embodied Awakening Tantra Training is for you.

On completion of Embodied Awakening’s Tantra Practitioner Online Training Program, participants are eligible for international recognition as an Embodied Awakening Tantra Practitioner through the endorsement of the Embodied Awakening Academy. ‘Eliyah Tantra’ is a registered modality with the International College of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and the Eliyah Tantra School is an Approved Training Provider with the IICT also.

Embodied Awakening’s Tantra Practitioner Online Training Program will be launched with final details, last quarter  2021.  Click link to be notified when for the Program launch: CLICK HERE

Note: Embodied Awakening also has online courses which count towards the Embodied Awakening Tantra Online Training Program, which you can get started on here: https://embodiedawakeningacademy.com/online-courses/

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