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5 Ways to Cultivate Magnetic Joy

5 Ways to Cultivate Magnetic Joy
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Course Description

The moments we most remember are the ones that light up our hearts with passion, fun, playfulness and joy. So why wait to be happy?! Set the intention to create your life the way you want it, and start to balance achievement and playfulness, structure and flow, winning and adventure.

In this course, Chantelle Raven guides practices to consciously unravel sabotaging habits and conditioning, and to connect to your heart and create your own joyous life.

This course includes:

  • Open an inner dialogue with masculine and feminine energies to infuse balance and meaning throughout life
  • Empower yourself to make conscious choices, and create your own joyous life by delving into unconscious conditioning, habits and patterns
  • Receive the world around you with joy through engaging in simple daily self-care practices
  • Ignite feelings of gratitude and foster the energy of what you desire, to cultivate joy and call in more of what you desire
  • Transmute suffering to bliss and empower yourself through solitude and emotional presence