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Align Mini Course

Align Mini Course
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Align Mini Intensive Description


When your life is aligned with your heart, deepest desires, and truth, infinite possibilities of joy, ease, pleasure, leadership, and abundance become available to you. This 4-part Mini Course is designed to support you in creating and magnetizing circumstances, people, and events that reflect your deepest level of soul alignment and feminine fullness, by covering the following topics:

Session 1: The Authentically Embodied Woman
Session 2: Journey from Ambition to Meaning
Session 3: Paving the Path to a New Lineage
Session 4: From Suppression to Expression

Raven and Tara will be your guides in gaining clarity on what you want most in life by aligning and anchoring to your heart, body, and soul. By saying YES to uncompromising, unapologetic pleasure and full soul alignment, you claim what you deserve – your most fulfilling life. This is a life that lights up your heart and sets your body and soul on fire.

During this mini course, you will embrace multiple healing and expansion opportunities through Tantric practices and quantum field creation. These experiences will give you the high standards for your life that you have been waiting for, drawing you into the present moment and guiding you towards expressing the highest version of your unique soul essence.

You will have countless opportunities to rewire the limiting and negative beliefs that have been holding you back at an embodied level and gain the tools you need for an intentional, empowered mindset, that is aligned with your most radiant life.

This course offers not only an invitation to transcend your limitations and conditioning but, more importantly, it gives you the practices you need to get out of your own way and connect with the brightest flame of your soul purpose and joy in this lifetime.

Get ready for a profound shift.