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Fundamentals of Tantra – Denver August 2023

  • Date

    05 – 06 Aug 2023

  • Time

    10:30 AM — 6:30 PM

  • Location

    Rooted Heart Yoga Wellness


After recent sold-out events, Fundamentals of Tantra is heading to Denver, Colorado with Embodied Awakening Academy Teacher, Larinda Lehman. Don't miss out!

~ Tools & Practices to Master Tantric Living ~

Over 2 days, Larinda Lehman and Ben Raya, of the Embodied Awakening Academy will guide you into teachings and practices to master embodied living and create a deeply felt sense of inner safety to explore your relationship to self, which can then flow into exploring your relationships with others. Discover Tantric, Jungian and various therapeutic approaches that embrace our heartfelt longing, our animal desire, and our soul’s deepest truth. 

You will learn how to

Join us Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2023 for this special transformative experience.

Who This Workshop Is For

This weekend is open to  all genders, singles & couples, the complete beginner and the experienced Tantrics. It doesn’t matter your age or what stage of life you are at.

To anyone who deeply desires to experience a powerful, loving, blissful and intimate relationship with themselves AND with others, this workshop will be a lasting transformative journey!

While it explores the fundamentals, there will also be some there who are repeating the weekend because it has been so valuable for them. This is a whole new way of relating, which sheds the layers of old habits and conditioning

Workshop Breakdown

~ SATURDAY: Self Exploration ~

~ SUNDAY: Solo, Paired & Group Embodiment Practices ~

Workshop Details





Questions & Contact

Each day we will have a 1 1/2 hr break around 2pm as well as a couple of smaller breaks. 

Doors open 15 minutes before start time to settle in. Please arrive on time.

* Please ensure personal hygiene, deodorant and fresh breath, as you’ll be getting close to others.

** This is a strictly alcohol and drug-free event. Caffeine, cacao & nicotine is okay, please do not attend under the influence of anything else.

Your Facilitators

Larinda Lehman

Larinda has spent the last 20 years of her life in event and project production. This has taken many different forms from parties, psychedelic journeys, directing music festivals to sensual connection workshops. Within the projects she had been unconsciously began building a strong attunement for space holding and building communities.

While on her own journey of healing, she found Tantra and immediately felt a deeper call to service in a this area. Taking the Practitioner Training through the Embodied Awakening Academy brought a new understanding of trauma, energetics and somatics that has driven her deeper into this practice.

Working closely within the Academy for the last two years has lead to incredible growth and understanding of love, communication and inner union. She is excited to be bringing these tools and practices to others, and to facilitate the deep journey into wholeness for others.

For more information about Larinda and the teaching please visit us here:

Ben Raya

After 30 years of being the classic western disembodied head on a stick, Ben has dedicated the last 7 years to practices of embodiment, somatic and awakening into real human presence.
The call came for him with the birth of his second child, a perfect mirror for all his disowned parts of himself, which launched him into the internal work he needed to step into the person that was necessary to raise her. This being the greatest gift he has ever received.

His primary tradition has been the study of classical tantra, with extensive time practicing modern Tantra, as well. Beyond those, Ben finds continued embodiment practice through Thai Massage, West African Drum and Dance, and Brazilian Zouk. Music has been in his veins since he was a child and even pursued in it in University. His mastery of working within the energetics of the rhythm of life to inspire and move the body is tantric in itself.

When he is not facilitating, coaching or with his children his is still working within his embodiment practice as a Lumberjack, where finding connection to nature, the body and the Dark Masculine, a rich and fruitful tantric practice in and of itself.

Ben is passionate about guiding others into new realms of embodiment, pleasure and connection.


Q: How intimate do the practices get?

A: There is no nudity or genital touch any of our events. There will be paired Tantric practices on day 2, which is done in a respectful and tasteful way with people deciding on what level of connection they would like, within the agreed boundaries of the space and of the pair.

Q: I am single and coming on my own. How does the paired practices on Day 2 work, and what can I expect turning up by myself?

A: The first day involves practices where you are learning to become familiar with, and move, sensual & life-forces energy within your own being. On the 2nd day we do partnered practices where you learn different techniques to circulate this energy with another person. It’s a pretty fun process of organically pairing people together over the multiple exercises. For every practice, people get to communicate any fears, boundaries and desires, and your level of participation is completely up to you – boundaries, personal freedom and self-love are taught and honored first and foremost.

Q: How many couples vs singles do you usually get to this event?

A: On average, for the Fundamentals of Tantra workshop, we usually get 70% single, 30 % couples, and of the singles it’s usually quite even between men and women, with slightly more women attending.

Q: I am single and learning this by myself. How can I implement this in a future relationship?

A: You can easily apply all of the practices from Day 2 to a new relationship, or with someone who hasn’t learned Tantra, by:

 implementing them in your own being, where your partner will feel and experience the benefits and be introduced to them through your energy and body.

• or by introducing them through the communication tools we go through in the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

*No refunds, however you may transfer your spot to someone else. This is your responsibility to organize.

Health Disclaimer & Liability

We may engage in practices that require some gentle movement – if you have any serious injuries now or in the last 5 years, or health issues that may interfere with your participation, please discuss this with the facilitator (Larinda Lehman).

You are responsible for your own health and wellbeing during this evening. The facilitator (Larinda Lehman) or Embodied Awakening Academy will not be held liable for any injury or other medical, physical, mental or emotional issues that may arise, are sustained or aggravated during or after this event.