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Matilda Carroll

Matilda serves as a Tantric Practitioner at Embodied Awakening 

Matilda is a new breed of Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Medicine Woman, anchoring the Devine Feminine light into the world. She is a modern-day mystic dedicated to the awakening and rising of the collective into their higher purpose, living embodied truth and is dedicated to empowering all beings on the path to sovereignty, to awaken and aid others in connecting with their medicine and gifts, through their orgasmic potential.

Her mission is to bringing people back to their natural states of existence, in the remembrance of who they really are through ancient healing wisdom, and facilitates and supports powerful transformations through Breathwork, Shamanic Practices and Sacred Sexuality and Tantrik ritual.

For over a decade she has worked in the world of Self-development, Wellness and Spirituality. She is a Shamanic Tantra Practitioner, a Naturopath and Herbalist,  Intuitive Mentor, Breathwork Facilitator, and International Retreat Facilitator/Speaker.

Her love in exploring the deepest layers of the human psyche has taken her to all corners of the earth to delve in ancient traditional healing practices of indigenous cultures, whilst battling her own health concerns and dark night of the souls.

Her aim is to bring back these traditions to weave back into modern day practices, bridging the world of Ancient mysticism, modern day science, blending shamanic energy work and Tantric teachings.

Matilda offers 1:1 client session, mentorships and supports facilitate in retreats and workshops. Her greatest love is to hold people in their rawest most vulnerable spaces in deep safety and love, so that they can come home to their bodies, reclaim their power and find the love for themselves that they have forgotten.