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Sabrina Mollers

Sabrina Mollers

Sabrina serves as a Graphic Designer for the Academy and Tantric Practitioner

Sabrina’s inspiration as a Tantric practitioner lies in the belief that the most “spiritual” thing you can do is to be yourself. She is passionate about inspiring people to clear through the things that harden, sicken or trap them in old stories and working on freeing yourself and embracing all that we are, in all facets and contradictions.

Growing up in Germany, accomplishing a degree as a designer and working in the corporate world, Sabrina was living a goal oriented and busy life style until her curiosity for other cultures and self-exploration led her to journey around the world, live in Cape Town, South Africa for 4 years and eventually come to Bali.

As a designer she loves unfolding the true potential of an idea and creating a visual expression that is in true alignment. Often this process extends far beyond designing and deeply into soul-searching with her clients which connects directly with her passion to work with people.

Since her teenage years Sabrina has a keen interest in Yoga and psychology, seeing the body as the gateway to go deeper within and closer to yourself. This led her to becoming a Forrest Yoga teacher in 2019, which is a powerfully physical, internally focused practice that brings strength, integrity, self- awareness and playful curiosity from the four corners of a yoga mat into daily life as you move beyond your fears and self-doubts and raise your confidence. Becoming a tantric practitioner with the academy, supporting the trainings and growing together then really inspired Sabrina to share the tantric teachings and embodiment practices with the world and to help more people to find their truth and courageously walk their path in life