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A Forgiveness Meditation

Group 69

I invoke the Great Mother to be with us over Christmas.  Not the personal mother, the archetypal mother who is all nurturing, who has what you need, who can be there for you, show up for the child inside of you, and she can support you in your relationships.  Support you to forgive and let go of the resentment which eats you up and spins stories in your mind.  If you resonate with Mother Mary, then feel her gentle strong loving presence. Or any feminine figure that is devoted to the burning sacred heart of unconditional love.   She is the Divine Rose that is creation, sustaining and renewing life.

Ask here to give you this same strength of heart.  Feel her presence with you, inside of you, and all around.

Now think of someone whose actions have really hurt you…someone significant that your heart is not open to…someone whom you have found it difficult to forgive. See them.  See or feel the actions and words that hurt you. Now see them through eyes that know that they were doing the best they could at that time.  Send them the love compassion and forgiveness of the mother. This takes enormous strength.  To truly feel the Sacred Mother, is to feel the enormity of the gift she has to bring through her heart.  This is not passive and weak but actually takes more strength than holding on proudly and refusing to forgive.  It doesn’t mean you dont have boundaries, it just means that the suffering of an unforgiving heart dissolves for it is you that it hurts the most.  Now forgive yourself for that which you judge harshly.  And feel the compassion love and forgiveness of unconditional love.  Feel the power of your heart to bring lightness, healing and sunshine into your life and the life of others.

Open the channel to Spirit and ask for help.  I know that my heart will feel more free I am open to this person, I know that this is holding me back as all unforgiveness does, and so I ask your help in melting the barriers that stands between me and them.   Now allow Spirit to show you in your inner eye a vision of this person.  You see a golden ball of light within their heart covering their body extending outward beyond their skin.  This is who they truly are.  See in your vision their mannerisms as you know them, see in your mind the thing they did or did not do that has caused you stress and suffering.

And now allow the hand of Spirit to come upon you to shift your thinking and change your eyes.  Allow the other person to transform before you from their apparent darkness into the light, from devil to angel, from enemy to friend.  Now standing next to them with your inner eye, see yourself.  In the middle of your heart see and feel the light of unconditional love.  Watch the light expand to flow through you and extend beyond your skin.  Watch how the light emerges from you.  Watch how the light emerges from them.  Now watch the light become one.  Your light and their light merge.

On the level of Spirit they are not a Separate being to you.  Allow the Spirit of Christ to build a bridge and reveal your Oneness.  Both of you are innocent.  Both of you are love.  And now once again, see this person as a physical being.  And now for the ultimate healing of your heart, kneel before them and wash their feet.  Anoit their body with the water of Spirit, the anointing oil of sacred love.  And as you wash their feet, you yourself are set free.

This condones nothing, it simply heals you.  Be free of the pain of your unforgiveness.  Free them from your perception of their wrongdoing so that you yourself may be set free.  The past is over.  It can touch you not.  Neither you nor they are who you were then,  Release from your mind the thought of what was done and what was done will no longer have effect in your life.  This is the miracle of divine forgiveness, compassion and love.   This is the miracle of the Heart of the Sacred Feminine.

The Heart of the Sacred Feminine is devoted to an awakening of burning tender compassion for all living things. That is what the Sacred Feminine does and that is what WE can do if we embody her Virtues..unbridled, majestic power saturated in tenderness, beauty, love and kindness. She understands that if she knows enough about anyone, she can forgive anything…and so she does.  Strong on the inside and soft on the outside (like an apricot ) – a softness that nourishes and protects and a strength that demands total transformation. She is the greatest revolutionary of Love.

Dakini Chantelle

Embodied Awakening Academy

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