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For most of my life, I have been an over planner and over thinker, always wanting to feel like I was in control of everything that happened in my life. I would worry about the future whilst incessantly going over things I said or did in the past.

I have used work as a way of feeling in control of my life – planning projects, filling my calendar, working to self-enforced deadlines etc, so that I could feel in control and like I knew where I was heading.

But through this approach, there was a lot that I was ignoring or suppressing. To hold on to your life so tightly means that you also can’t experience the joy and the pleasure that life has to offer. You’re also less likely to feel the sadness, the pain, the grief and the anger to their full extent as much either – as there is no time, no place for it.

This makes sense, as we live in a world that is obsessed with being busy and which offers multiple methods of distraction. We are encouraged to always be looking for the next creature comfort to give us a temporary sense of relief from the uncomfortable feelings that can arise in this human experience. 

But, through working with Tantra, I am choosing to no longer exist in this way of being. I am working to bring more awareness to my default reactions – be it food, Netflix, work or seeking intimacy in another. There is nothing implicitly wrong with these things when done with awareness, but when used to supress deeper feelings of discomfort or pain, it can only be a temporary relief and eventually these feelings will find a way to resurface.

So it has to be a choice. A choice to go against what we have been taught. A choice to go against what feels like the easier option in the moment and to doing what we know is in our higher service.

A choice to feel emotions when they arise. A choice to lean into feelings of discomfort to allow them to be expressed. To set boundaries. To be your own source of love and intimacy.

And you know what, when you do this – you actually start attracting those very things in your outside world as well.

In this week’s blog, Chantelle talks about a new culture, a new way of living, where we focus on our internal world and grow in deeper awareness with trust and surrender.

With Love,

Xx Erin

Eliyah Practitioner and Teacher

* * *

A new culture is emerging….

Where our hearts free us

Our relationships free us

Our sexuality frees us

Our triggers free us

And we can all live together in easeful harmony working towards being sovereign and giving the future generation a framework for that Sovereignty.

In this new culture we are no longer focussed on the external, we are focussed on the internal acceptance and unification of all the different aspects of ourselves.

This means that when we don’t get what we want, we are not stuck in our fear of not being good enough, losing love or losing freedom.

Rather, we use the trigger to grow and our own wholeness deepens as more layers are revealed.

We hold ourselves in the pain with love instead of abandoning ourselves and recreating abandonment externally as a reflection of our own self abandonment.

Pain has its gifts if we turn towards it with it with tenderness, compassion and acceptance. If we fully relax, feel it and listen to its messages. This is part of how you come to know and love yourself.

This is how true intimacy forms.

Of course, our hearts will break. That is the nature of life and human love.

But, our hearts can break open again and again and again until love explodes and stays with us – through it all.

We may still grieve, we may still rage, but we remain open.

We trust and surrender.

When stuff comes up, we breathe, we sound, we move. The more we can discharge tension through breath, sound and movement, the more capable we become of living in this present moment – releasing past baggage and no longer worrying about the future.

The next step is that there is such a deepening into the sanctuary of our own Being that we feel the music of self-acceptance and ease playing in our soul and we sing that song out into the world.

We start to follow our bliss, have authentic conversations and own our darkness.

We stop caretaking others, stressing about what they think and how they’ll feel, and trust our hearts and our souls.

No resistance anymore; just a sweet love and allowance. A relaxing into the truth instead of a fight against it.

We get to know ourselves; what we desire, what we need, what brings us joy and we give that to ourselves. Then we teach others how to treat us simply through knowing ourselves.

Imagine a place where your pain is something beautiful to soothe and hold and where it has its own special gifts.

Where your anger is a fire that when felt through your being, opens gateways to creative power.

A place where you learn to give yourself the love you have expected from someone else and discover a new love so pure that you can really feel the interconnectedness of all beings and all of life.

Imagine knowing with absolute certainty that you are divine and there is no separation between you and God. No separation between you and anyone or anything else. It’s ALL GOD.

In this reality, you no longer need masks to hide anything. It is all completely acceptable. It’s all divine.

Then you can breathe and stop trying so hard.

Your life will carry a certain magnificence that is illuminating, self sustaining, expanding and resonating with a much bigger picture.

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With Love,

Xx Chantelle

Embodied Awakening Academy

Embodied Awakening Academy