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Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron is a lead teacher and Tantric Practitioner with the Academy

Aaron Kleinerman is a Master Coach, Relationship expert, Facilitator & Speaker. He is a Transformational Tantric Practitioner, creator of several online courses for men & the author of best-selling book “The Embodied Man.” He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behaviour and movement specialist navigating souls. His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality. He speaks and teaches honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence. Aaron’s mastery as a teacher provides the practical tools everyone needs to implement embodied awakened intelligence into daily life.

Aaron’s Sessions include

– Transformational Tantric Body Work with whole body nervous system re-alignment psychologically and somatically.

– Flushing trauma from your nervous system so that you can be in your ease

– Re-establishing rest and digest in your nervous system by clearing out past wounds

– De-armouring the heart and the sex centre so that you can expand into more love, pleasure and self-compassion

– Awakening your consciousness and sexuality

– Gestalt therapy and coaching

– Support clients to merge consciousness, the emotional body, and the animal within, so a whole, integrated being walks away with clarity and direction with his/her life.