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Abby Branson

Abby Branson

Abby serves in the role of Tantric Practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher and kinesiologist 

Abby Branson lives and breathes magic into every moment of the day,  

She is a modern-day Mystic Mother, Tantrika, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Iridologist and Kinesologist.   

Abby has been transforming people’s perception of their lives and relationships for 6 years now, through the art of embodiment, detoxification and intuitively lead body work/energy work.  

Her purpose is driven by an endless passion for paving a new way forward by guiding people into un-learning what has been passed down through multi-generational trauma responses, freeing the true essence of the soul from fear, shame or guilt.  

Abby believes that your health and spiritual wellbeing are directly linked, from becoming a Raw food Chef 10 years ago to an iridologist and embodiment coach Abby bridges the physical, emotional, and spiritual body together to create perfect Equilibrium within the body, because when one system is out, all systems are out. Her sessions are all intuitively driven depending on what her clients need most of.  

Working with Abby.  

Abby is committed to creating a super safe, and nurturing container for you to explore some of the deepest parts of yourselves and let go of patterns and habits that are stopping you from thriving. Working with Abby is a commitment to your soul’s growth because there is nowhere to hide. “When love is present, anything that is not love will show up to be healed” 

Abby is currently offering 1:1 Transformation sessions including energy work, ritual, embodiment practices and talk therapy that run for 90 mins and Kundalini Yoga classes in person every Monday in the Perth hills of Roleystone. 

Sessions are $150 

Yoga Classes are $15. 

Get in contact at www.abbybranson.com or phone her on 0477028044.