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Healing your Abandonment Wound

The abandonment wound runs deep within me and has influenced many aspects of my life. Often seen as a singular issue, it’s truly much more than that. It’s a self-perpetuating […]

How to embrace love fully, inside and out

I often come across people who deeply desire passionate and fulfilling relationships, yet they constantly find themselves either single or in relationships that aren’t compatible. What I’ve noticed is that […]

Do you head fuck yourself?

When your thoughts are overwhelming you… The key is to stay very present with what is here, right now, instead of ruminating about the past or trying to get answers […]

Golden Shadows

GOLDEN SHADOWS When we speak of our shadows, we often associate them with the more shameful and darker aspects of our unconscious.  However, as Carl Jung defined, there is another […]


How is your relationship to letting go of control? I am really moving through this piece at the moment. I have always been someone who likes to plan things, to […]