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Dion Pfisterer

Dion Pfisterer

Dion is a Teacher and Tantric Practitioner, currently based in Bali.

Prior to joining the Academy Dion spent 10 years travelling the world as a Musician and Ecstatic Dance DJ. He weaved his percussive magic between devotional kirtan tours, festivals, workshops and retreats.

After attending his first ‘Living Tantra’ retreat in Bali he immediately became part of the Academy family, supporting at every event with his drumming, musical attunement and emotional support.

Now trained as a Tantric Practitioner he uses a combination of Tantric Practices, 10+ years of body-work experience and a lifelong embodiment of music, drumming and sound healing to create a safe, grounded space of exploration into participants Inner-Self.

Dion is also passionate about Men’s work, movement, surfing and connecting deeply with nature and culture.

‘Tantra led me on rapid path of self-discovery and growth that I could never turn back from. My work with the academy has given me the opportunity to weave all my gifts and passions together, and offer them in my fullest joy and expression.’