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Do you head fuck yourself?


When your thoughts are overwhelming you…

The key is to stay very present with what is here, right now, instead of ruminating about the past or trying to get answers about the future.


Think and analyse less, feel and breathe more…this is the path of holding your centre and feeling consistent ease and joy…pain will arise at times, but you won’t get overwhelmed if you simply allow it and are curious about the feeling that is here NOW rather than trying to figure something out…. This requires you to not judge or resist anything that’s showing up.


Stay in the tender open space of non-resistance and surrender no matter what waves are rising inside of you.




The most important thing I do in my life is to stay accountable to the inner work, every day.


This is what creates harmony in my career, in my relationships and in my life in general.


And the most important part of the inner work is stay present with what is arising, without resistance.


This is what keeps my heart open.


This is what grounds me and makes it possible to work without feeling like I’m working…”do” without feeling like I’m doing…inspiration just naturally flows.


Staying present and loving and holding whatever is alive inside of me, without the stories that are created from resistance,  is also what fills my life with synchronicities and magic.  When there’s openness within there is an openness to receiving the gifts of life and everything flows so much more effortlessly.


Internal resistance creates a reality that will mirror that resistance.  We manifest things that keep creating contraction rather than openness.


The outer is always a reflection of the inner.


The rewards of staying present with what is without all the head fucking?

  1. Your ease and safety is not dependent on external validation, circumstances and behaviour of other.

  2. You no longer keep repeating the same patterns over and over.

  3. You have tapped into a field of non resistance.


The more willing you are to stay present and hold yourself in what is arising, the more you are able to bow down to your feelings and life as your greatest teacher.


Imagine if you could be with whatever shows up in each moment without the need to escape, fix or control reality?


Such a beautiful vulnerability would begin to permeate your life and your feelings and intuition will start communicating with you and guiding you.


There is also a strength to this of course — the awareness and courage to bow down to present time aliveness without controlling or analysing your experience.


As you learn to stay present with yourself no matter what you are feeling, you will come to know grace through the human experience.


Grace is not a special state that elevates you into a high vibrational state — it is simply the absence of resistance to what is here and a deep listening. Grace is loving what is, without needing to know what will happen in the future.


Grace is breathing, holding, and deeply listening.


The nature of life is duality and there’s really nothing you can do about that. There is birth and death, there is up and down, there is light and dark, there is pain and pleasure, and so on.


The deepest acceptance of that duality, without resistance, is embodied awakening.


Awakening is here and now. It is not something to strive for. It is already here in the open arms of non-resistance.


Are you ready to open your arms and your heart to every little part of you? Especially to the little one inside? In every moment?


Tune in to yourself, see what there is to see….and whatever your desires are and wherever you need to get done, of course put action towards that, but stay in the moment as much as possible.


You’ve got this!


Recommended reading: The Surrender Experiment and the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer


If being present is extremely difficult for you and you feel called to go super deep into this and into clearing out the past, I am also here for you in my 1:1 Mentorship options ✨


Find out more here: https://embodiedawakeningacademy.com/all-chantelles-offerings/


Much love to you all!

Chantelle Raven xx

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