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It’s time to start releasing your fears

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“What if I end up alone? What if I end up broke? What if I fail, lose someone I love, or get rejected? What if I’m just not good enough for the success/relationship/money/lifestyle that I desire?”


If you experience any of these fears, you are not alone.

  • Fear of losing love
  • Fear of losing freedom
  • Fear of losing money
  • Fear of staying single
  • Fear of disapproval
  • Fear of not being met
  • Fear of not “performing” well in the bedroom
  • Fear of opening
  • Fear of men/women/relationship
  • Fear of never being able to change
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of what people think
  • Fear of being unsuccessful


These are very common fears amongst everyone!


Because of the power of our thoughts, we are always manifesting – and we are either manifesting our fears or manifesting our desires.


When you drop into the power of rewiring fear into desire at an embodied level, this power shifts old patterns and opens new doors in your life.


Where attention goes energy flows…where do you put your attention?


We invite you to attend our Living Tantra Retreat – the doorway into focusing on and receiving a felt, embodied sense of your highest potential in the areas of sexuality, money, communication and connection.


When you release your armour and expand your mind, sexuality and spirituality, you start embodying your worth and no longer settle for a mediocre life.  At our Living Tantra retreats I guide you into amazing practices for this.


That’s when you start manifesting your desires and attracting a life that is aligned with your soul!



In addition, our short courses can also help you:


If you are facing the fear of not being successful and not good enough in and out of the bedroom, the course Sex, Money, Power will help you to step into your full potential.


If you have any fear around your mental instability and/or having to use meds long term, the course Achieve Mental Health  will help you to embrace feelings of gratitude, love and happiness.


If you have a fear of getting out of your comfort zone, the course Cultivating Magnetic Joy will help you access your orgasmic bliss, power & magnetism.


If you are fearful of never being able to open fully and experience high states of orgasmic pleasure due to trauma,  the course Exercises for Sexual Healing will guide you to reclaim your sexual innocence.


If you’re looking for a way to release fears, and open yourself up to a more courageous, aligned and fulfilling life, then a Living Tantra retreat with us may be just what you need.


Check out our EVENTS page for more info on upcoming retreats.


With Love,

Chantelle Raven and EAA Team xx


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