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How to embrace love fully, inside and out

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I often come across people who deeply desire passionate and fulfilling relationships, yet they constantly find themselves either single or in relationships that aren’t compatible. What I’ve noticed is that the importance of establishing a strong inner union is often overlooked. It serves as the foundation for attracting a partner who truly resonates with and aligns with your soul, and yet all the focus is often on the “other”.


When the relationship between your own masculine and feminine aspects is loving, attuned, and fulfilling, the relationships you attract will mirror this. A strong and harmonious inner relationship allows you to both receive and give love abundantly.


While there are many factors at play when it comes to attracting the right partner, to me, inner union is the most crucial. Inner union leads to sacred union. It also liberates us to live freely as present, sensual, compassionate, loving, focused, vibrant, and joyful beings who don’t rely on others for a sense of wholeness. When we already feel complete and whole, our relationships thrive; when we don’t, they become co-dependent.


I invite you to reflect on the masculine and feminine qualities you recognize within yourself. Which qualities do you need to enhance and focus on to create a better balance? Do you need to cultivate more masculine presence, action-oriented focus, and stability? Or perhaps you need to explore more feminine fluidity, emotional connection, and sensual playfulness?


From the space of embodied inner union, a new level of self-responsibility emerges. You can start incorporating your masculine awareness into your relationship with your breath and emotions, allowing you to be fully present in every moment. Likewise, you can integrate action-based masculine energy with heart-centered feminine wisdom and intuition when necessary, leading to richer experiences in your relationships, your career and your life.


If this topic interests you, I encourage you to listen to one of our podcast episodes titled “You are your own Beloved.”


It provides more insights into the gift of inner union. You can access this episode by clicking HERE.


Alternatively, if you’re ready to delve deeper into embracing the depth of inner union, I highly recommend joining our Relationship Tantra Online Course.


This work has the potential to change everything.



With love,


Xx Chantelle Raven

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